Following Realme, Oppo Unveils MagSafe-like MagVOOC Magnetic Wireless Charging Technology

Oppo Unveils MagSafe-like MagVOOC Magnetic Wireless Charging Technology

Following Realme, Oppo Unveils MagSafe-like MagVOOC Magnetic Wireless Charging Technology

Joining the likes of Realme, Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has unveiled its MagSafe-like magnetic wireless charging technology today. The company demoed its new wireless charging technology and compatible accessories at the Smart China Expo 2021 event. So, let’s take a look at what Oppo will offer with its new magnetic charging technology for Android devices.

Oppo MagVOOC Charging Technology

Dubbed as the MagVOOC charging technology, Oppo’s latest wireless charging tech leverages specialized magnets at the back of smartphones for charging. It is similar to Apple’s MagSafe charging technology, which the Cupertino giant re-introduced with the launch of its iPhone 12 series last year.

Following Apple, we recently saw another BBK Electronics brand Realme showcase its MagDart magnetic wireless charging tech. Now, Oppo has introduced its own MagSafe-like charging technology to capitalize on the new opportunities in the Android smartphone segment.

Oppo MacVOOC Series Accessories

Apart from showcasing its MagVOOC magnetic charging tech, Oppo also unveiled new charging accessories as part of the MagVOOC series. This includes a MagVOOC wireless power bank, a MagVOOC ultra-thin flash charger, and a MagVOOC wireless flash charging stand.

So, starting with the ultra-thin MagVOOC flash charger, it looks similar to Apple and Realme’s offerings. The charger has a magnet-based circular design that aligns with the MagVOOC-compatible magnets underneath the back panel of smartphones. However, this one needs to be connected to a wall adapter through a USB connection.

For a truly wireless experience, Oppo’s MagVOOC series includes a portable wireless power bank. This is similar to Apple’s $99 MagSafe Battery Pack and attaches to the back of smartphones using the MagVOOC magnets.

Lastly, Oppo unveiled a MagVOOC wireless flash charging stand that takes advantage of the MagVOOC charging technology to charge Android devices. It enables users to dock their smartphones on the stand, both horizontally and vertically. This way users will be able to watch content on their smartphones while charging them at the same time.


Now, it is worth mentioning that Oppo has not revealed how fast can the MagVOOC series will juice up Android smartphones. Moreover, the company did not mention any launch timeline for the accessories or a MagVOOC-enabled smartphone.

So, stay tuned for more development in these departments in the coming days. Also, let us know your thoughts on Oppo’s new magnetic wireless charging tech for Android devices in the comments below.

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