Nest Thermostat

New Nest Thermostat with Soli Chip Launched at $129.99

Nest Thermostat

Google has unveiled its new Nest Thermostat in the US and Canada today. The new thermostat features minor upgrades to the design when compared to the company’s previous-gen thermostats and packs cool new features.

Nest Thermostat: Specifications

Being a smart home product, the new Nest Thermostat deeply integrates with the company’s Google Home app. It supports a Quick Schedule feature that lets users set a custom temperature at different times and even on different days. What’s more, the thermostat automatically suggests pre-set temperatures that aim to strike a balance between comfort and energy savings.

To find more ways to save energy, Google has added a Savings Finder feature that automatically looks for small optimizations. According to the blog post, the feature proactively suggests subtle changes to your schedule and you can choose to enable them from the Google Home app.

Notably, Google has added the Soli chip that was first introduced with Pixel 4 to this thermostat. Why you ask? Leveraging the power of Soli, the Nest thermostat will check if you’ve left the house using motion sensing and your phone’s location. Once it detects that you’re not at home, the device sets itself to an Eco temperature mode automatically. You will also get support for HVAC monitoring that alerts heating and cooling system issues.

Nest Thermostat comes in Snow, Charcoal, Sand, and Fog color variants. The company is also offering a trim kit (sold separately) that includes a steel plate to help you mount the system on the wall.

Price and Availability

Google’s new Nest Thermostat will be available in the U.S. and Canada over the coming weeks. Interested customers can buy it from the Google Store and select retailers such as Best Buy and Home Depot. The new Nest thermostat is priced at $129.99 in the US and $179.99 in Canada.

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