minecraft live 2022 - new mob vote winner - sniffer

Sniffer is the Winner of Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022

minecraft live 2022 - new mob vote winner - sniffer

The results are out. Your votes have once again directed the future of Minecraft, and we are more than excited. Pushing its competition out of the game, Sniffer is the winner of Mob Vote 2022, as announced during Minecraft Live today. With its addition, we will see a number of new features come to the game, including the potential of a bunch of new Minecraft farms. Having said that, let’s explore all the features of Sniffer and make sure that you made the right choice.

Mob Vote 2022 Winner: Sniffer is Coming to Minecraft

The announcement of Mob Vote 2022’s winner was made during the Minecraft Live 2022 event. Unlike previous polls, we noticed a one-sided opinion for Mob Vote 2022 since its announcement. And these opinions carried over to the final results too. As revealed during the event, Tuff Golem got the least amount of votes. Meanwhile, the Rascal was the runner-up, leaving the throne to the Sniffer, who got over 50% of the votes in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022.

As revealed during Minecraft Live 2022, Sniffer will not spawn naturally in the overworld Minecraft biomes. Instead, you will have to find its eggs in the ocean ruins and then bring the Sniffer back to life. Once it’s back, the Sniffer slowly grows from its baby form into an adult. Then it roams around the world to sniff and dig seeds for the players. Players can use these seeds to grow some rare decorative plants in Minecraft.

In Which Update Will Sniffer Come to Minecraft?

During last year’s mob vote, Allay won the public poll but didn’t make it into the game until the second major update (Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update) following the vote. However, this also has to do with complex game mechanics around Allay and player interactions. So, we hope that Sniffer comes to Minecraft a bit earlier. Though, even if it doesn’t, the Minecraft 1.20 update has a lot of exciting new features to keep you entertained. You can use our linked guide to explore all of them in a single place.

Will the Losing Mobs Come to Minecraft?

In April 2022, Jens Bergensten, the CCO of Mojang, confirmed on Twitter that the losing mobs from all the previous mob votes can find their way into the game if “they fit and can be prioritized“. Though, nothing can be said about which mob, if any, would make it into the game in a future update.

But letting bygones be bygones, which feature of Sniffer excites you the most? Or are you unhappy with the Winner of Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. Sad 😔. We could of had another golem because we only have one but I guess it might be fun having more plants.

  2. It was obvious sniffer was gonna win. Pretty sure i heard that new seeds and plants would be in the update and well what mob was tied to plants and seeds.. They should just add all 3.. The other 2 i found to be cooler ones to have.

  3. Ce que je préfère chez le sniffer c’est qu’il offre la possibilité de faire plein de nouvelle ferme

  4. I think sniffer was the best mob that could win and also there will be tons more plants wich we can grow or use it as decorations

  5. Wow the sniffer won I am sniffer side the sniffer give
    New leves plant biom in the Minecraft that great 👍
    Well don sniffer

    Thanks for sniffer vote guys


  6. The tuff golem should’ve won. The sniffer is absolutly pointless and the Rascle was okay but mineshafts are really hard to come by

    1. All the tuff golem would’ve done was pick up objects then move around if you ask me it’s absolutely pointless


    The rascal is the better mob it gives u free tools for mining and the sniffer gives u seeds. BRO SEEDS

  8. I can see why the sniffer won. It’s cute. Plus, it will make your garden very interesting. the Rascal is good and all, but if you’ve been playing well in the game, you don’t need the prizes. Plus, you spend an hour playing hide and seek with the rascal and all it gives you is an iron pickaxe with unbreaking. C’mon. I wonder what the rascal drops when it dies…Also, the tuff golem would be nice but it would take all your stuff. Plus, we already have the copper golem. Even though I did not participate in the mob vote, I knew that the rascal would be runnerup and sniffer would win.

  9. SINIFFER WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  10. I just want the sniffer or the rascal to win and when is sniffer comeing to minecraft


  12. why did you choose this mob you know the tuff golem or the rascal was much better but hey we can’t do anything about it

  13. Omg I voted sniffer and boom it’s the winner I am just dying too see what is looks like ❤️

  14. I screamed so loud when I saw the results of the mob vote, out of joy that is. I had never participated in a previous mob vote or ever really cared about the mobs in a vote. I wanted the Sniffer so bad I had voted on the website with another Email, voted on my old as dirt Kindle, and twice on my current Minecraft account.

    I did say I had never cared about the old mob votes but, I hope Dream voted for the Tuff Golem. 🙃

  15. If it is such a good early game way to farm, then WHY is it at the bottom of the ocean?! It is soo hard to get to the bottom of the ocean let alone stay alive, and now you want us to find an ancient mob egg too! This is absurd!

    1. That just one downside to this awesome mob though. New plants means new farms, potentially new foods and all kinds of other things that could help for building/decorating.


  17. I love the sniffer and I thought the tuff golem would be the runner up to the sniffer but to my surprise the rascal was the runner up.

  18. I love the sniffer and I’m happy that it won but will we new Items because in 1.19 we were getting a new Items but we didn’t only some

  19. My friend plays Minecraft and she voted for the sniffer. She is very happy. When I looked at the video’s for the different new MOBs I chose the sniffer myself. I thought it was so cute.

    1. Rascal was the best mob and I’m disappointed. I hope they add it later.
      But congratulations to sniffer, well done

    1. Sniffer is useless other than decorating and the rascal is the vote that should have won! The rascal would have been the best mob to add to Minecraft. Since it was not added the complaints will be Mojang’s problem. RASCAL SHOULD HAVE WOON!!!!!!!! >:(

      1. the rascal gives a punny pic axe lol, late game its gonna be useless
        plus hide and seek is for children

      2. Honestly the rascal is useless too, not only would it only be good for the start of the game but you could very easily get killed in caves by trying to find it. Plus is not like their going to give you Dimond pickaxe’s, they would probably only give you iron ones. Also the cave and cliffs update gives you a lot more opportunities’ to find huge areas to mine in. So i don’t think anyone will be complaining to mojang about the mob vote, especially since almost everyone at the bedrock Minecraft vote was wearing sniffer costumes. Sure the rascal might have added more to caves but there’s always another mob vote for them to add an even better version of the rascal (kind of like the copper golem from the last m0b vote who seemed very similar to the tuff golem). But besides all that if it really is that maddening I’m sure there’s probably 30 mods out their where you can add the tuff golem or rascal to you Minecraft worlds.

      3. THATS WHAT IM SAYING😭 Why am I gonna go look for an egg to raise a useless, ugly turtle? The rascal was so cute and would’ve provided on mob in the caves that isn’t trying to attack us, but rather bring us things. In all honesty. Even if the golem won, it would’ve been fine, BUT THIS? A MOB LITERALLY NAMED SNIFFER??!!!

      4. Wow. Don’t take it out on the developers! They did nothing wrong. Blame the people who voted for the sniffer. You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit

  20. Im pretty happy of how the vote came out! I voted for sniffer, and I can’t wait to see what kind of new greenery is to come in the future update of Minecraft. I would’ve liked to see any of the other mobs win, but the sniffer just took the cake for me! I appreciate all the hard work you put into creating new updates to make the game even more interesting 😀

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