There are times when you want to watch TV, but can’t seem to find the remote. It especially happens with the Fire TV remote as it’s quite small in size and goes out of sight in no time. So if you have lost your Fire TV remote and looking for a temporary way to navigate your TV then worry not. Here, we have got a number of ways to control Fire TV without a remote. So on that note, let’s go ahead and explore all the options to manage the Fire TV without WiFi or remote.

Lost Your Fire TV Remote? Here are the Solutions

We have mentioned solutions for all sorts of scenarios. If you have lost your Fire TV remote and don’t have WiFi at home then we have the resolution for that as well. You can find all the solutions from the menu below.

Use the Amazon Fire TV App

1. If you lost your Fire TV remote then there is nothing to worry about. You can easily navigate and play content on your Fire TV by just using your smartphone. You need to install the Amazon Fire TV app (Android / iOS — Free) and log in to your Amazon account.

Lost Your Fire TV Remote

2. After signing in, your smartphone will automatically detect the TV. Tap on it. Keep in mind, for this method to work, both your Fire TV and smartphone should be connected to a common WiFi network.

Lost Your Fire TV Remote

3. Now, you will be asked to enter the 4-digit code displayed on your Fire TV screen. Enter it and proceed ahead.

enter code

4. Finally, you will find a UI very similar to your Fire TV’s remote. You can open Settings, move around using the navigation keys, summon Alexa, control volume and do almost everything that you could do on the remote. That was pretty easy, right?

fire tv remote on smartphone

Use the Amazon Fire TV App without WiFi

If you don’t have WiFi at home and still want to use the Fire TV app for remote navigation then you can do so by manually creating a WiFi hotspot. For this setup, you will need two smartphones — one for creating a WiFi hotspot and another for using the Fire TV app.

1. First off, open Settings on the smartphone where you want to create a WiFi hotspot. Now, move to WiFi and Network -> Hotspot and Tethering -> WiFi Hotspot. Here, rename the hotspot to the exact same WiFi network that your Fire TV was previously connected to.

Lost Your Fire TV Remote

2. Similarly, change the password to the same one as the previous network. We are making the setup identical so that Fire TV can automatically connect to the WiFi hotspot without user intervention.

Lost Your Fire TV Remote

3. Now that you have configured the WiFi hotspot, turn it on and restart your TV. The TV should automatically connect to the newly created hotspot.

connect to hotspot

4. Coming to another smartphone, connect it to the same WiFi hotspot and install the Amazon Fire TV app (Android / iOS — Free), and log in to your Amazon account. Now, it will scan and detect your Fire TV on the app.

amazon app

5. Now, tap on it, enter the code displayed on your TV, and there you have it. You can navigate and perform anything just like your lost Fire TV remote.

fire tv remote on smartphone

Use Alexa to Remotely Navigate Fire TV

1. If you have got an Alexa-powered speaker at your home then you can use it to play content on your Fire TV. Just say “Alexa, play X on my Fire TV” and it will dutifully perform your instructions. You can find all sorts of Alexa commands from our linked article.

Use Alexa to Remotely Navigate Fire TV

2. Keep in mind, for this to work, both your Fire TV and Alexa speaker should be on the same WiFi network.

Use TV Remote In Case You Lost Your Fire TV Remote

Not many know this but you can actually use your TV remote to control Fire TV Stick. Yes, you heard it right. TVs nowadays come with something called HDMI-CEC feature that allows multiple HDMI-connected devices to communicate with each other. If you press a button on your TV remote then it passes the instructions to the Fire TV using the HDMI-CEC protocol.

Lost Your Fire TV Remote

So in summation, you can actually navigate and use many of your Fire TV menus using the TV remote. It does not support all the shortcuts and button combinations (for example, casting) but you can do all the basic things in case you lost your Fire TV remote.

Use Keyboard and Mouse

If none of the above methods worked for you due to lack of WiFi, additional smartphone, or TV remote then connect your computer’s keyboard and mouse to the Fire TV. You can connect both wired and wireless keyboard and mouse to your TV and it works flawlessly. You might have to buy a micro USB splitter from Amazon ($6) as Fire TV Sticks just comes with a single micro USB port.

Use Keyboard and Mouse

Buy a New Remote

If you lost your Fire TV remote and nothing seemed to work for you then you have no option other than to buy a new Fire TV remote. You can buy the 1st-gen Alexa Voice Remote from Amazon ($27.99). It’s compatible with all Fire TV devices— starting from 1st-gen to 3rd-gen models. So just go ahead and grab this TV remote. In case, you are looking for a cheaper Fire Stick replacement remote then go through our linked article and you will find plenty of options.

Lost Your Fire TV Remote

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Do I Do If I Lost My Fire Stick Remote?

You can install the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone and can navigate Fire Stick without needing a remote. You can follow our instructions above to learn how to set up the app and Fire Stick.

Q. Can I Use My Fire Stick Without a Remote?

Yes, there are multiple ways to use Fire Stick without a remote. You can go through our above guide to learn about all the methods.

Q. Do You Need WiFi for Amazon Fire TV to Work?

Yes, you need WiFi for Amazon Fire TV to work. If you don’t have a home WiFi network then you can create a hotspot on another smartphone and create a common network. Follow our second method to learn about the process in detail.

Q. Can I Replace My Fire TV Remote?

Yes, there are several Fire TV remote replacements. Just go through our last section and you will find Amazon’s and third-party remotes as well.

Q. How Do I Pair a New Fire Stick Remote Without the Old One?

First, you need to set up Amazon Fire TV app so that you can get some navigation access to your Fire Stick. After that, move to Settings → Remotes and Bluetooth Devices → Amazon Fire TV Remotes → Add New Remote. Now, press and hold the “Home” key on the new remote for 10 seconds and it will be paired to the Fire Stick.

Learn How to Control Fire Stick Without Remote

So these are some of the ways you can control and manage a Fire TV Stick without a remote. For most users, the Amazon Fire TV app would be more than sufficient, but you need a common WiFi network for seamless navigation. Anyway, that is all from us. If you are facing any issue then comment down below and let us know. We will surely try to help you out. Also, don’t forget to check out article on Fire TV vs Android TV, to see if you should stick with your device or if it’s time to move on.


  1. i used the method to create a hotspot with the same user id and password as earlier. it worked very easily.
    Thanks for the help.