iPhone 12 Might Ship with a Braided Charging Cable

iphone 12 braided cable

Of late, we have been hearing more concrete reports about the upcoming iPhone 12. We know that the iPhone 12 series will likely use OLED panels across the line and come in a new design. And we also know that Apple will most likely not include EarPods or a charger inside the box. However, a new leak suggests that the company is doing one good thing as far as in-box accessories are concerned.

According to a retweet from leaker @L0vetodream, the Cupertino giant will start shipping a braided cable with iPhones this year. Moreover, the cables will all be USB Type C to Lightning cables. That’s a good step as well. Till now, only the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max shipped with a USB Type C to Lightning cable; all other iPhones used a standard USB Type A cable instead.


Personally, I’m more excited about the braided cable. That’s because Apple’s cables are notoriously bad in terms of quality and longevity. Ask any Apple user and they will have had a frayed cable at some point. Some people put cable protectors on their Apple cables (like I do), and some just use third party cables instead. However, Apple including a braided cable within the box will definitely increase the life span of the included charging cable.

Moreover, based on the images in the leak, the braided cable looks pretty nice as well. Obviously, this is purely a leak, and there’s no telling if Apple will make such a change or not, so take this information with a pinch of salt.

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