How to See Purchase History in Valorant

In Short
  • Valorant does not let you check your spending on cosmetics or skins within the game.
  • To check your Valorant purchase history, visit the official purchase history support page and click the 'Get my purchase history' button.
  • Valorant also supports a refund policy in case you purchase something that you no longer wish to use in-game.

Valorant, Riot’s multiplayer FPS shooter, has always excited fans with its new updates and content. One of the things that players like to flaunt in Valorant is the gun skins and cosmetics, which you can purchase with Valorant Points (VP). Every time you make a purchase in Valorant, it gets saved in your account’s history. If you’re someone who wants to check your purchase history, this guide is all you need. Let us find out more about Valorant Point purchases and how to check your purchase history in a few easy steps.

How to Check Valorant Purchase History

Once you are done spending some cash on the Valorant points and want to see the purchase history, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, close Valorant if you’re already in-game. Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Now, follow this link to head to the Valorant purchase history page.
  • Once here, click the ‘Get my purchase history‘ button.
Check Purchase history button in Valorant
  • Upon clicking, it will show you all your last five purchases in Valorant. It will showcase the payment method, date, and amount spent.
  • Remember, the total amount spent can sometimes appear glitched and not add up to the total amount. Also, the amount of Valorant points purchased can be missing. This happens because of server issues or using different currencies to purchase Valorant points.
purchase history display

Note: The Get my purchase history button in Valorant can show an error if you try it multiple times. So, make sure you use it with patience and wait for sometime after clicking it if it fails.

How to Get a Refund in Valorant

While everyone enjoys burning a hole in their wallets in Valorant, regret can creep in at times. If you feel you’ve overspent in the game, it’s good to know how to file for a refund. Don’t worry, as Valorant does have a refund policy, and you can request a refund for your unused VP within 14 days of your purchase.

Remember that if you have used your VP or upgraded any of your purchased skin, you cannot get a refund. If you have unused VP or skins, then you are eligible to get a refund. To request a refund, go to this link and log in with your Riot account.

After you log in, you will see an order history button. Click this button to see if you have any eligible refund for any gun skin. If you do, submit a ticket and request a refund quickly.

Refund in Valorant purchase

What Are Valorant Points and How to Buy

Valorant Points (VP): Explained

Valorant points are the premium currency in the game. You can use VP or Valorant points to buy gun skins, bundles, and battle passes. You cannot obtain Valorant points through any event in the game. The only way to get Valorant points is through purchases. You also buy battle pass level with VP. All the purchases you make with Valorant points will always be in your purchase history.

How to Buy Valorant Points

You can only purchase Valorant points through the VP store inside the game or through trusted gift card stores. The easiest method you can use to purchase Valorant points is through debit/credit cards. On the purchase screen, you can see the Valorant point and your currency mentioned. After your purchase, it will add to your purchase history of Valorant. You can also use the PayPal method to purchase your Valorant points.

Valorant points purchase section

If you purchased a gift card or code from outside, you can redeem it on your Valorant point screen. Once you put the code in the empty box, click on the submit button. Remember, any Valorant point purchase, even if it is in gift card form, will still reflect on your Valorant purchase history.

Valorant gift card redeem

And, that is how you can view your Valorant purchase history and refund those extra points. Got any other questions? Drop them in the comments down below!

Can I see my older purchase history in Valorant?

No, Riot only shows you the last 5 purchases in Valorant. You can see the purchase dates and other details on the page.

Is a refund guaranteed in Valorant’s refund policy?

No, a refund is not guaranteed. Multiple guidelines and refund policies will apply when you apply for one. You can check Valorant’s policy and guidelines here.

Can I check my other Riot Games purchase history?

Yes, you can. The purchase history is saved on all your purchases on the same Riot account. So your League of Legends or Team Fight Tactics purchase history will also show up with Valorant.

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