How to Get and Use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

Amongst the various items and blocks in Minecraft, some have relevant progression-wise uses, whereas others are optional and decorative. Moreover, most of these items are craftable and easily renewable. However, certain Minecraft items are completely inaccessible unless you actually find them in your world. So, in this guide, we share everything you need to know about one such rare item, which is called heart of the sea, in Minecraft. We have explained how to find the heart of the sea and use it in Minecraft. So, let’s not waste time and jump straight in.

What is Heart of the Sea in Minecraft?

Heart of the Sea is an item in Minecraft with one unique and extraordinarily useful purpose. It is a rare and important item, signified by the yellow color used for its title text. Heart of the Sea is only available to the player if they find it in the Minecraft world. Since this is the case, it’s unfortunately not renewable in any way.

So, if you want multiple heart of the sea in your inventory, you should get an elytra in Minecraft because you will be exploring quite a bit. If you know how to get it, then you may skip to the last section of this article to find out what to use it for. But, for now, let’s see how you can obtain this item in the game.

How to Get Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

In order to find the heart of the sea in Minecraft, you need to locate a specific chest, and that can be tricky. But worry not, as we will walk you through everything you need to do chronologically to find this chest, and in turn, this rare item.

Step 1: Prepare for the Underwater Adventure

Since the name of this item literally has the word “sea” inside it, you would assume it’s related to the water, and it actually is. So, we should prepare for an underwater adventure to ensure we can survive while searching for the heart of the sea in Minecraft. The biggest challenge is keeping up the oxygen bar. It’s a bar that appears above your hunger bar when your player character’s head is submerged underwater.

When you stay underwater, the bubbles start to disappear indicating your time is running out. You can easily refill the bubbles if your head reaches air space. But, if all the bubbles are gone, and you’re still underwater, you will start taking drowning damage. This damage is not high, but it can surely kill you in a few seconds. This would be one of the worst deaths if you are playing in the hardcore mode. So, let’s see what can help us solve this problem.

1. Doors

To easily find heart of the sea in Minecraft, you should bring doors with you. They are one of the easiest ways to refill your oxygen bar in Minecraft. They cannot be waterlogged, so when you place them air space will be created. This will allow you to stand there and restore the bubbles on the bar. This works only on the Java edition, though, and here is the crafting recipe for doors:

  1. To craft doors, you first need to make a crafting table.
  1. Then, place it in the world and right-click to open the crafting UI.
  2. After that, you need 6 planks of the same wood type. You can break down logs in the crafting grid to get planks.
  3. Place your planks in the configuration shown in the image below to get three doors.

2. Potions

To make sure you come out of your adventure unscathed, the best way is to brew some potions in Minecraft. They will be of immense help in this underwater expedition. The most essential is the potion of water breathing. It will stop your oxygen bar from depleting, which allows you to stay underwater for a maximum of 8 whole minutes without having to resurface. Make sure to check out our linked guide to learn how to make and extend this amazing potion.

The other potion we recommend is the potion of night vision. Even though its name is related to seeing in the dark, underwater view is fairly dark and blurry by default even during the daytime. So, this potion will let you see better, and therefore, get what you need faster. If you need help with that potion, follow the linked guide as well.

3. Enchanted Boots and a Helmet

Minecraft enchantments are amazing ways in which you can make yourself powerful and unstoppable. They are a key feature of the game, so if you struggle with crafting them, follow our guide. To find the heart of the sea in the best way possible, we recommend carrying these Minecraft enchantments:

  • Depth strider (boots) – This enchantment will allow you to control your underwater movement more easily.
  • Respiration (helmet) – Respiration will make your oxygen bar deplete at a much slower rate.
  • Aqua affinity (helmet) – This enchantment will let you break blocks at a normal speed, which will help you a lot if there are blocks you need to break.

4. Boat

The structures we are looking for can generate far off the coast. So, having a boat will help you reach your destination quickly and safely. To craft it, you need 5 planks of the same wood type. Follow the recipe below in your crafting table to make a boat in Minecraft.

If you believe in your Minecraft skills and knowledge of the game, you don’t need anything. This is not a difficult adventure, but it’s always good to be overprepared than underprepared in Minecraft.

Step 2: Find a Buried Treasure Map in Minecraft

Now that we are geared up and ready to go, the next step in obtaining the heart of the sea is to find a Minecraft buried treasure map. It’s an item that generates in one of the chests in the shipwrecks and ocean ruins structures. So, let us take a look at the details of these structures and how likely you are to find the buried treasure map there.

1. Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks are mostly underwater structures. They generate submerged underwater usually near a coast. Occasionally, they generate on the surface of the beach and other biomes in Minecraft. Then, you can completely access them without touching the water. Shipwrecks can have 1-3 loot chests inside them.

Since the other two chests can never have the buried treasure map, the one we are interested in is the map chest. It’s a chest that generates in the lower part of the shipwreck’s stern. This chest has a 100% chance of generating a buried treasure map.

2. Ocean Ruins

Ocean ruins are underwater structures populated by drowned zombies. They generate in the oceans, normal, warm, or cold ocean biomes. That determines their appearance and generation of the suspicious sand and suspicious gravel blocks. Ocean ruins consist of small ruined hut buildings and depending on the number of them, there are small and large ocean ruins.

Every ocean ruins hut can include a chest, but there are mostly just a couple in the large ones. There is about a 40% chance that a chest will generate a buried treasure map inside it. Since these structures generate with drowned, they’re much more dangerous than the shipwrecks.

3. Dolphin Mechanics

Dolphins are mobs in Minecraft with some cool and rarely known mechanics. If you right-click a dolphin with a raw fish, such as a cod or a salmon, they will lead you to the nearest chest located in the shipwrecks and ocean ruins. This way, you can quickly locate those structures in-game, without the use of cheats or websites.

If you break the chests and give the dolphin some more fish, they will take you to another structure, which is really awesome. Not only that, but dolphins can guide you straight to a buried treasure chest itself. That brings us to step 3.

Step 3: Follow the Buried Treasure Map

Once you have found a buried treasure map, you can follow it. Don’t worry, this process is rather straightforward. We have created a whole separate article on how to use a buried treasure map, so if you’re not familiar with it, follow the guide linked here. After you locate the chest we have been looking for all along, pick up your rewards including the heart of the sea item in Minecraft.

Make Conduit in Minecraft: How to Use Heart of the Sea

Heart of the sea has one and only one use in Minecraft, besides being the rare item for your collections. It is used to craft a conduit.

Conduit is a block with a ton of functions. It can provide players with buffs and abilities. It’s also a light source block in Minecraft, so if you really want to flex in front of your server mates, you can have conduit lamps around your Minecraft house. Besides the heart of the sea, you will need 8 nautilus shells to craft a conduit. You can get nautilus shells by fishing, killing a drowned holding a nautilus shell, or buying the nautilus shells from a wandering trader (see a complete list of Minecraft villager jobs).

The crafting recipe for a conduit is shown below. You simply need to place the heart of the sea in the middle. Then, surround it with eight nautilus shells on all sides. And that’s it; you have successfully made a conduit in Minecraft.

To learn everything about a conduit, read our dedicated guide on how to make and use a conduit. With that said, you now know everything about the heart of the sea in Minecraft. Stay tuned for more Minecraft guides!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you craft heart of the sea in Minecraft?

No, you can’t. It’s a rare item that encourages players to explore more of their Minecraft world.

Is heart of the sea worth it in Minecraft?

Considering how amazing the conduit is and how many advantages it provides you with, yes, heart of the sea is definitely worth it.

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