Hearthstone Will Not Be Coming to Consoles

Hearthstone (multiplayer android games)

The most popular online card battle game currently has got to be Hearthstone. The game is loved by players from across the globe and played on a daily basis by millions of users. Launched back in 2014, it is currently available for Windows, Mac, as well as on Android and iOS platforms. However, consoles seem to be a platform left unexplored by the game’s developers. Sadly, reports suggest that things are going to be the same for quite a while now.

Hearthstone Will Not Be Coming to Consoles

In a recent interview with Dualshockers, Senior Producer Yong Woo and Game Director Ben Brode stated that there is nothing to be announced for Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox One. This is not the first time that a port to consoles has been denied, with the principal game designer, Dean Ayala, having previously confirmed that there are no plans to move the hit title to Nintendo Switch.

Many users speculated that the recently announced “The Year Of Raven” would finally bring with itself a port of the game to the consoles as well. It’s not a great stretch of the imagination given Blizzard has had great success in the console segment with Diablo III doing pretty well, and Overwatch continuing to grow strong.

While there is no necessity for developers to roll out a console port as well, the idea of playing Hearthstone on PS4, Xbox One, or even the Nintendo Switch definitely sounds appealing. As of now, there aren’t many CCG-based titles available there, and Hearthstone would certainly have been the leading entry if it had jumped over.

Well, it seems like we will have to wait a while longer than expected to finally hear the good news of a console version of Hearthstone. In the meantime, which card battle game are you currently playing on your gaming console? Let us know about it in the comments down below.

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