Top 10 Health And Fitness Apps For Android Devices

Being fit and healthy in this busy lifestyle is not easy to manage. But these fitness and health apps can easily manage and guide you to healthy lifestyle and workout. These apps not only manage your workout, but also regulate your diet plans, sleep cycles. These apps can use the phone’s hardware to track your heart rate, distance covered, calories burnt and how you sleep. You can share your workout with your friends, challenge them or earn reward points, gift cards and coupons.

Here are 10 fitness and health apps for Android devices for healthy body and lifestyle.

1. Jefit Pro- Workout and Fitness


Jefit Pro features vast exercise database with over 1300 + weight training exercises and free profile hosting online. You can search from different exercises with detailed instructions and illustrations. You can even track different cardio, weight lifting, fitness and strength training exercises. You can connect with friends and challenge them with your stats, track your progress with charts and analyse your routine, the routine planner allows you to create your own fitness plan, switch between exercises and goal oriented schedule.

The app is paid on Google Play and free version is also available with ads.

2. Instant Heart Rate Pro

This app can measure your heart rate by tracking the color changes on the fingertip using the phone’s inbuilt camera. The color changes are linked to the pulse rate and the app calculates the pulse rate and shows real time PPG graph. The app can also store history of your heart rate.

The pro version of the app is there but free version is also available.

3. Endomondo Sports Tracker

This app tracks your activity by measuring distance while you are walking, running or cycling. You can manually add your workout, measure your heart rate while you are doing exercise, track your route and history of workout. You can post your workout on facebook, view your friend’s workout, race against a route champion, smartwatch and bike speed integration. Moreover you can get access to all your data online with the profile.

The app is free and paid version is also available.

4. Noom Weight Loss Coach

This app features fitness and diet tracker that can help you lose a few pounds from your body. The app has interactive and personalized weight loss plan, exercise tracker with pedometer and GPS support, reminders support and your fitness and exercise log to track your progress. The app also has social network integration with Facebook and Twitter. The app also supports helpful articles on health and wellness, unique daily food and exercise tasks to keep you motivated everyday.

The app is free on Google Play.

5. RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

RunKeeper can track your running, walking, cycling, hiking and biking using GPS of the device. While doing work out, you can listen to your music, measure your heart rate and update weight to keep track of burnt calories. You can analyze and get progress of distance you have covered, the calories and time etc. You can also post your activity stats to Facebook, Twitter or RunKeeper.

The app is free on Google Play.

6. Lose It !

This allows you to keep track of your food and exercise by keeping daily calorie budget. The app features recipe builder, barcode scanner, meal and exercise planner, calorie counter and comprehensive validated food and exercise database. You can set your goals and a customized weight loss plan is automatically created. You can challenge yourself by setting goals or connect with friends on social network sites.

The app is free but some features require premium upgrades.

7. Workout Trainer

This app features audio and video guidance to your workout with progress cues. You can play your favorite music while workout, join the community and try new exercises, try specialized workouts, you can join custom training programs, share your workouts on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

The app is free on Google Play and paid version is also available.

8. SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm

SleepBot allows you to track your sleep and sleep cycle. The app features reminders and alarm , it can track your movement, record sound, get detailed graph and sleep statistics, quick solutions to fall asleep and stay awake.

The app is free on Google Play.

9. Sleep as Android

This app acts as sleep cycle tracker featuring sleep statistics and graph based analysis, the app features sharing option on Facebook and Twitter, nature alarms to wake up, choose song as alarm from playlists, CAPTCHA to wake up on time, audio recording and sleep deficit.

The app is free for trial and paid version is available.

10. Nexercise = Fun Weight Loss

Nexercise turns your workout schedule to an interesting game. You can compete against your friends and earn medals. You get paid in terms of rewards for doing exercise. You can get gift cards and coupons from business and online sites. You can earn experience points by opening app and doing various activities. You can invite friends and earn extra points.

The app is free on Google Play.


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If I missed out any app worth mentioning, do let me know in comments below the post.

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