Biem Butter Spray

This Gadget Converts a Stick of Butter into Spray

Biem Butter Spray

Have you ever wanted your butter to be melted immediately without going through the hassle of heating or settling for liquid butter solutions that could possibly contain chemical components? Look no more, biēm butter sprayer is exactly what you need.

All you have to do is insert a butter stick into the sprayer and it will convert the butter into liquefied form in seconds. Notably, the sprayer relies on just heat and air to make this possible and does not require any chemical or artificial propellants during the conversion process.

“For anyone who’s ever struggled to butter bread without tearing it, butter an ear of corn, or butter a pan without having to heat the pan and scalding the butter, this product is for you,” says Doug Foreman, creator of Biēm butter sprayer.

Biēm butter sprayer heats butter at 95 degrees so that the butter does not get overheated or burnt during the process. The gadget is refrigerator friendly and hence, you can conveniently store the spray containing butter inside your fridge without any worries.

If you’re not someone who includes butter in food, you can store any cooking oil and use the spraying mechanism. Cool, isn’t it? Also, the company promises that the nozzle of biēm sprayer will not clog.

The gadget takes approximately 90 minutes to charge. The company estimates an average battery life of a week for a family and up to four weeks for a single person on a single charge. Moreover, the sprayer automatically shuts down after minutes of inactivity to save battery.

In terms of pricing, Biēm sprayer starts at $129 (~Rs.9,000) from their store. Users can buy the charger and battery separately at $30 in case the one that comes with the pack gets damaged.

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