You Can Buy the Framework Laptop’s Motherboard to Build Your Own Modular Mini PC

You Can Now Upgrade Your Customizable Framework Laptop with an Intel Core CPU-Powered Motherboard!

Last year, a company named Framework launched a customizable and user-upgradable laptop for computer nerds who like to tweak their machines. Now, to give its users more freehand in upgradability, the company has started selling pre-built motherboards without the other laptop parts. This will enable you to upgrade the processor, GPU, and other vital components without needing to replace the entire system or build your own mini PC around it. Here are the details!

Framework Starts Selling $399 Motherboards

The Framework Mainboard is primarily a full-fledged, Intel Core-powered system that allows Framework laptop owners to upgrade their devices without getting rid of the existing enclosures. The company has released the motherboard in three configurations, all of which are powered by Intel Core processors, Intel Xe graphics, and feature a built-in heatsink, and a 64mm fan.

The base model packs an Intel Core i5-1135G7 CPU along with the other components. The other two variants, on the other hand, pack Intel Core i7 CPUs – Core i7-1165G7 and Core i7-1185G7, paired with DDR4 RAM and M.2-based storage. All these motherboards are powered by a USB-C port. Although users can add more port modules from Framework’s online store.

As for the price, the Framework Mainboards start at $399 (~Rs 30,529) for the base model. While the mid-tier variant with the Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU costs $549 (~Rs 42,000), the highest-end model with the Intel Core i7-1185G7 processors is priced at $799 (~Rs 61,139). They are available to buy on Framework’s official store. Users can also check out the official guide page from Framework to learn more about the component-replacement process for the laptops.

Apart from this, Framework has also shared all the documentation and 3D-printable designs that developers could use to design their own devices around the motherboards. The company hopes that the community of computer enthusiasts could come up with something creative using its components as bases for their products.

Furthermore, it gives Framework laptop owners the opportunity to upgrade their existing laptops without replacing them with new ones. In hindsight, it not only reduces the amount of e-waste in the environment but also makes sense from a financial perspective. Perhaps, sooner rather than later, the company could expand its portfolio with motherboards powered by the latest 12th-Gen Intel processors. So, what do you think about Framework’s initiative? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more such interesting stories.

VIA Ars Technica
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  • Mrugendra Kulkarni says:

    How to buy it in India as the service is un-available on the official site ?

  • Joco says:

    It’s sad to see Framework as for “computer nerds who like to tweak their machines” instead of “A Carbon Neutral Laptop Option”… Even if you pay a bit more now, you won’t have to throw everything away and buy everything back since you’ll have the option to upgrade your laptop.
    In my opinion it’s a fantastic option!!

  • Bruce Men says:

    I’d like to put the motherboard in my old macbook pro enclosure, seriously.

  • Nabendu says:

    What will be the cost of a fully assembled laptop with the highest rated cpu, in India?

  • Devaansh Agarwal says:

    Can we buy it in India

    • Habibur Rahman says:


    • Joshua says:

      Wouldn’t suggest to buy in India. Cos u will get a new laptop at this price with processor. It’ll be a loss if u buy this cos you’ll only get processor and motherboard. So it’s not worth unless u don’t want to lose your old one.

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