10 Best Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Cases and Covers You Can Buy

The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is one of the latest smartphones from Samsung. The device comes packed with an Octa-core Snapdragon 653, clocked at 1.95 GHz, along with a 6″ Full HD, Super AMOLED display. The C9 Pro also packs in 6 GB of RAM, with a 64 GB internal memory. Plus, the 16 MP front, and 16 MP rear (with dual flash) cameras are definitely no slouch in the photography department. Coming in at $530, the phone is definitely not a mid-range smartphone, but it’s not a flagship either (we’ll have to wait for the S8 for that). So, if you’re planning on buying the new Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, you should definitely get a case to protect it from natural wear and tear. To help you with this, here are 10 best Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro cases and covers you can buy to protect your phone:

1. TopACE Slim Shockproof C9 Pro Case

The TopACE Slim Robot Armor Shockproof Case is meant for people who tend to drop their phones a lot. The case is designed from high quality materials like polycarbonate, to protect your phone from bumps, and scratches. The case also comes with a kickstand on the back, so you can place it upright in landscape mode. This can come in handy when watching videos, or movies on that gigantic 6″ sAMOLED display that the Galaxy C9 Pro comes with.

topace rugged armor case

The case is made to provide a comfortable, and anti-skid design, making it easier to use. Plus, at a price this low, it is definitely an affordable option to go with, for your brand new C9 Pro.

Buy on Amazon.com ($6.99)

2. iKuboo Luxury Slim PU Leather Flip Cover

THe iKuboo Luxury Slim PU Leather Flip Cover offers full body protection to your phone. The case is specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, and fits it perfectly, while protecting it from scratches, bumps, and drops. The Luxury Slim Flip Cover is elegantly designed, and has a magnetically closing lid, which makes it even more secure.

ikuboo pu leather

The iKuboo Luxury Slim PU Leather Flip Cover is made from high quality PU Leather, and TPU, and is comfortable to hold, while looking good. It even comes with slots to keep your credit cards, so you don’t need to carry your wallet everywhere; plus, it comes with a kickstand that you can use to place your phone upright for watching movies, or answering video calls.

Buy on Amazon.com ($4.99)

3. Nillkin Cellphone Galaxy C9 Pro Case

If you just want a minimal looking case that offers some amount of protection to your Galaxy C9 Pro, the Nillkin cellphone case is the one for you. The case is built entirely from polycarbonate, and can protect your phone from a number of drops and scratches. Nillkin uses a UV painting technology, that really makes the case easy to hold.


The case is strong enough that it won’t break easily, and has cutouts for all the buttons, and ports on the C9 Pro (which includes the headphone jack, by the way). Nillkin cellphone case is also anti-skid, dust-proof, anti-fingerprint, and easy to clean.

Buy on Amazon.com ($23.99)

4. KuGi Galaxy C9 Pro Cover + Kickstand Case

The KuGi C9 Pro Cover is yet another flip cover for the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. The cover has been made with PU leather, and polycarbonate. Plus, it comes with a a large pocket where you can store your credit cards, keys, or even USB drives. The advantage of a full body cover such as this one from KuGi, is that your phone is protected from all sides. So, even if you end up dropping your phone, it will protect it from getting damaged.


The cover comes with perfect cutouts to allow access to all the ports, and buttons on the phone, along with a kickstand, so you can place your phone in landscape orientation for watching movies, and videos with ease. The case is easy to put on, and will protect your C9 Pro from things like dust, scratches, and exterior damage.

Buy on Amazon.com ($5.50)

5. BargainPort Side Holster C9 Pro Case Pouch

This one is for the old-school people. If the idea of keeping your phone in a pouch, clipped to your belt sounds just about perfect to you, this side holster case pouch from BargainPort is made for you. The pouch is designed from imitation leather (fancy words for fake leather), and has a magnetic closure lid, so your phone will remain safely inside. The clip on the back can be used to attach the pouch to your belt, and keep your phone safe from dirt, dust, scratches, and bumps.


Thanks to the clip on, the case is easy to carry, and doesn’t really come in the way. However, if you’re using a hard case on your Samsung C9 Pro, it won’t fit into the pouch.

Buy on Amazon.com ($5.99)

6. Starhemei Slim Transparent Ultra Thin Case

If you’re like me, and you don’t like hiding the look and feel of your brand new phone, the Starhemei Slim Transparent Ultra Thin Case is for you. The Galaxy C9 Pro case offers minimal protection from drops, but can keep your phone safe from scratches, dust, and minor bumps. It is made from a transparent TPU, and has cutouts to access all the ports, and buttons.

starhemeiSince the case is very thin, it won’t protect your phone from drops onto concrete, obviously, but for minor drops, scrapes, and scratches, the Starhemei Slim Transparent Ultra Thin Case will work very well, without compromising on the look, and feel of your phone.

Buy on Amazon.com ($7.90)

7. DISLAND Flip PU C9 Pro Leather Case with Card Slots

Yet another flip case for the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro – the DISLAND Flip PU Leather Case, is made from PU leather, and comes with card slots that you can use to keep your credit cards (or cash) in. No longer do you need to carry your wallet everywhere. With precise cutouts in the case, you can easily access all the ports, and buttons on your phone.

disland flip case

The flip case also comes with a built-in stand that you can use to place your C9 Pro in landscape mode, to comfortably watch movies, and attend to long video calls. The DISLAND Flip PU Leather Case also comes with a magnetic closure, so your phone will remain safely inside it. Since it is a full body case, you can rest assured that your device is protected from drops, bumps, scratches, and natural wear and tear.

Buy on Amazon.com ($7.99)

8. MOONCASE Galaxy C9 Pro Case

If you want to use a minimally designed case on your phone, but get the maximum protection you can possibly get with such a case, the MOONCASE Galaxy C9 Pro Case is for you. The durable, light weight case comes with a great finish, and easily snaps on to the phone, making it easy to install (and remove). The MOONCASE Galaxy C9 Pro Case is made from high quality TPU material to provide a soft, and comfortable grip.


The case also has air cushions on the corners to protect your phone if it falls down, by absorbing the shock. The cutouts on the case allow for easy access to all the ports, and buttons on the phone, while the TPU construction ensures that your phone is protected from scratches, bumps, shocks, and other everyday wear and tear.

Buy on Amazon.com ($8.99)

9. DISLAND Window Flip Leather Galaxy C9 Pro Cover

The DISLAND Window Flip Leather Cover is perfect to be able to check the time, or the Caller ID, without having to actually open the cover. The cover is made from leather, along with a polycarbonate back for maximum protection, and is shock absorbent, shatterproof, and anti-scratch. The case also prevents your phone from skidding away on smooth surfaces.

disland window

You can use this case for all round protection of your Samsung C9 Galaxy Pro (as you would with cases like the DISLAND Flip PU Leather Case), with the added advantage of a window to be able to check information at a glance. The cover will definitely protect your phone from drops, bumps, scratches, as well as regular wear and tear.

Buy on Amazon.com ($9.99)

10. C-zone Wristlet

The C-zone Wristlet is not exactly a case for the C9 Pro, but it is meant to be a pouch to keep your smartphone, and is compatible with a number of different smartphones, including devices like the C9 Pro, iPhone 7, and more. The wristlet is made from high quality PU leather, which makes it look good. It has two pockets: one for keeping your phone, and the other for keeping some cash, along with your credit cards.


You can use a case on your phone, and keep it inside the C-zone wristlet, or you can just keep your phone without a case, and keep it in the C-zone wristlet, for protection against minor bumps, and scratches, as well as everyday wear and tear.

Buy on Amazon.com ($7.79)

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Use These Samsung C9 Pro Cases and Covers to Protect Your Phone

It’s always advisable to use a case on your smartphone, because no matter how careful you are with your smartphone, there’s always a chance that you end up dropping, or bumping it. With these cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, you can rest easy that your phone is protected, and will be able to tolerate small drops (or large drops, in the case of some other covers), scratches, bumps, and more. This list features a variety of different types of cases and covers that you can use, ranging from transparent, and thin, to rugged, and full body cases.

We’ll keep updating this article with newer (better) cases as they come out, and as always, if you know of any other case for the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro that you think deserves to be on this list, do let us know in the comments section below.

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