The rapidly increasing popularity of single board computers has ushered in a completely new era of personal computing. Whether you are a budding programmer, or a hobbyist geek with a penchant for tinkering and DIY tech projects, a single board computer is one of the best things you can get for yourself. And even though there are many of them to choose from, the Raspberry Pi series of single board PCs remains the most popular among the single board computers.

If you’re looking forward to buying your first Raspberry Pi, the ridiculously cheap Raspberry Pi Zero is easily the best choice. Retailing for a paltry $5, it comes with a 1 GHz single core CPU, along with 512 MB RAM. In fact, chances are really high that you’ve already got one for yourself. But you might be wondering, just what amazing stuff can you do with this credit-card sized thing?

The answer is, a lot, as there are numerous cool Raspberry Pi Zero projects that you can get started with. Can’t wait to know more? Start reading!

Best Raspberry Pi Zero projects

1. Pi Zero Powered AirPlay Speaker

Apple’s AirPlay protocol offers a nifty little way of wirelessly streaming all sorts of media (audio, video, and photos) from iOS devices to other gadgets that are AirPlay compatible. So if you’ve got an iPhone or an iPad, how about building a Raspberry Pi Zero powered AirPlay speaker for enjoying your music? However, for this project, you’ll need some extra peripherals, such as the pHAT DAC audio board, as well as a speaker and Wi-Fi dongle, since the Pi Zero lacks wireless connectivity. On the software side, nothing else than the Shairport AirTunes emulator and the Raspbian distro is required.

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2. Pi Zero Internet Connected Information Display

Quite a lot of our daily time is spent gazing at our gadgets’ displays, checking different types of information. And if you’ve got a Raspberry Pi Zero, you can create your very own programmable information display, and use it to show information like time/date, weather conditions, and social media notifications. This project also requires some extra stuff, including the Adafruit 128×64 OLED display, and two push buttons, which will be used for cycling between the data that’s shown on the display. A little patience, and your mini information console will be up and running in no time.

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3. Pi Zero Retro Gaming System

Xbox and PlayStation might rule today’s gaming world, but they are nowhere as fun as the retro gaming consoles (e.g. SNES) of the older days. So if the gamer in you is feeling nostalgic, you can use the Raspberry Pi Zero to create a gaming system that can play everything that you could play on a Sega Genesis or an Amiga. In addition to a classic old CRT TV, you’ll also need to install the RetroPie gaming console emulator on the Pi Zero. What’s more, the awesome folks behind this project have confirmed that the gaming system works perfectly with the Xbox 360 controllers. Isn’t that great?

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4. A Raspberry Pi Zero Drone

Their usage (in both civilian and military environments) might still be a controversial issue, but there’s little doubting the fact that drones can prove to be extremely useful, and even fun. And what better way to use your Raspberry Pi Zero than to make it the driving force behind a smart drone? Apart from a drone and the Raspberry Pi Zero (obviously), this project requires a PXFMini autopilot board, and a special Linux OS image. Once done, the autopilot board can create its own Wi-Fi using a USB dongle, and use a common game path to control the drone through a ground control station. Not just that, you can also use the Robot Operating System to visualize the flight mode and state of the drone.

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5. Raspberry Pi Zero USB Hub

While the compact form factor makes it instantly convenient, it also means that the Zero has less connectivity options, as compared to the Pi 2 and Pi 3. Notably, the Raspberry Pi Zero has only one USB slot, which makes connecting peripherals like keyboards and Wi-Fi dongles a chore. But thanks to this little project, you can easily combine a four port USB hub with the Pi Zero. Although it’s quite a basic do-it-yourself project, it can come in really handy if you intend to interface the Raspberry Pi Zero with multiple peripherals.

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6. Smart Environment Monitor

smart environment monitor

If you care for the environment (and for our planet), this is one project you’ll love. Its basic idea is to use the Raspberry Pi Zero to power a device that can monitor multiple parameters like temperature, humidity levels, atmospheric pressure etc., and send the data to the AWS IoT platform for processing and analysis. This can be extremely useful for tasks like finding out less/more polluted areas in a city at a given time, or triggering alarms in case the pollution reaches a harmful level. In addition to a bit of software configuration, you’ll also need a bunch of sensors for the project, such as the Temperature and Humidity Sensor. From region, to the measurement interval, everything can be configured.

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7. Audio Streamer

audio streamer

Devices such as the Google Chromecast Audio are awesome for enjoying streaming music over Wi-Fi. But why bother purchasing one, when you can turn a Raspberry Pi Zero into your very own audiophile grade music streamer. Yep, it’s very much possible. For this, you’ll need the PlainDAC I2S module. And once you’re done, simply flash an audio-focused Linux distro (e.g. RaspyFi and Pi MusicBox), connect a Wi-Fi dongle along with an amplifier, and you’re ready to roll.

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8. Put an Ethernet on Raspberry Pi Zero

pi ethernet

Due to its compact form factor and low price, there are many crucial ports that the Raspberry Pi Zero doesn’t have, such as an Ethernet port. But that is not a problem, as you can easily add wired Internet connectivity to the Raspberry Pi Zero. For this project, you’ll need the PCB ENC28J60 Ethernet Module for Arduino. Also, it’s worth noting that the Internet speeds will be quite less, but still good enough for general purpose IoT usage.

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9. Xbox Controller Mod

xbox mod

We’ve already discussed (see 3rd point) how you can use Raspberry Pi Zero to make a CRT TV into a retro gaming system. But what if you could fit an entire Raspberry Pi Zero inside an original Xbox controller? That’s right, you can, thanks to this amazing quirky project. Among the stuff that you’ll need to do this, is a mini HDMI cable/adapter and a USB OTG cable. When everything is done, you just have to flash the pre-built RetroPie image having the necessary emulators, config files etc., to the MicroSD card. So what’s the wait? Get gaming.

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10. MatchBot Line Following Robot

One of the more “fun” projects utilizing the Raspberry Pi Zero, the MatchBot is a line following robot with proximity sensing capabilities. It’s built in the form of a two-wheeled toy, with everything stuffed inside a matchbox (yes, you read that right!). The project requires quite some things, such as a buck converter, and motors for powering the wheels. The MatchBot can perform multiple actions, based upon how you interact with the proximity sensor.

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11. Tempus Fugit Raspberry Pi Zero WordClock


Another uniquely impressive project based upon the Raspberry Pi Zero, the Tempus Fugit WordClock uses an 8×8 letter matrix to spell out the current time. In addition, the accuracy of the time is maintained by a real-time clock chip, powered by an on-board battery. It might not seem much, but the small project has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, and is already at the working prototype stage. The clock will also come in Dutch and Latin language variants.

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12. Raspberry Pi Zero Powered Pirate Radio

If you’ve ever wanted to be a Radio Jockey, this is the time for it. The Pirate Radio project lets you turn Raspberry Pi Zero into a powerful FM transmitter. You’ll need a couple of things for this, such as an antenna, and a battery pack. The standard Raspbian Linux image works perfectly for this. You can use this to transmit all kinds of audio files (e.g. MP3, FLAC, WMA) over your pirate radio.

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13. NES Controller Mod

nes controller

The classic Xbox controller isn’t the only console controller that can house the Pi Zero. If you’re feeling some more retro-gaming nostalgia, you can put the Raspberry Pi Zero inside an NES controller. As you might be knowing by now, this also involves flashing the RetroPie pre-built image on to the MicroSD card you’ll be using with the Raspberry Pi Zero. After that, you’ll also need to setup additional components, such as HDMI monitor, and Wi-Fi dongle.

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14. Powering Raspberry Pi From an AA Battery Pack

battery aa pi zero

As portable as the Raspberry Pi Zero is, it still needs a power source to run. But it’s not that much of a problem, as you can easily use a regular AA battery pack to power the Raspberry Pi Zero. Like all mods, this fun little project will also require some extra things, such as a Voltage Booster Module, and a Switched Battery Box. This can come in extremely handy when you want to power up the Raspberry Pi Zero on the go.

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15. Raspberry Pi Zero Wifi adapter and Windows Backup Server (In Progress)

pi zero wifi

If you want to add Wi-Fi connectivity to the Raspberry Pi Zero, your only choice is to use a USB Wi-Fi dongle. But it doesn’t have to be like that. This cool little projects lets you add Wi-Fi functionality to the Raspberry Pi Zero, without using USB. You’ll need the ESP8266 wireless module for this. Once Wireless functionality is added to the Raspberry Pi Zero, it can serve as an ultra-minimal IoT computer. Isn’t that amazing?

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Make the Raspberry Pi Zero even better

The Raspberry Pi Zero presents an extremely exciting future of hobbyist computing. And given the loads of cool things that you can do with this $5 computer, it’s bound to get only better. So try out these projects on your Raspberry Pi Zero, and if you’ve got some of your own, don’t forget to mention in the comments below.

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