This AI Helps You Tell Better Stories Using Silly Instagram Captions


Instagram has become a place for spotless selfies and mastered captions with profound life lessons. But for other flawed humans who still struggle to add perfect captions to their photos, there’s an AI which can help – well, soon after it learns to be more serious.

The AI is designed by a group of researchers from the Cyril and Methodius University and an AI company called Pendilibrium in Macedonia and is on its way to become a story-teller. It can be used to create narratives for a series of photos based on what is in those images, but not by simply defining what’s in those images – as is the case of previous AIs handling the captioning business.

This AI Helps You With Really Silly Instagram Captions

The accuracy of the captions is far from perfect and it seems that the cranky machine brains need some oiling. But, these will definitely help you have a good laugh. Compared to titles created by humans, these are not just funnier but more erratic while some are just absurdly inaccurate.

The team made the AI give captions to different styles of food and the results were clearly silly. Most of them would also make grammar nazis furious. But, looking at machines trying to not make a fool of themselves but still ending up making fools of themselves nonetheless for the greater good of humans should interest you if not make you go “awww…”.

This AI Helps You With Really Silly Instagram Captions

The researchers also tried to have fun by exposing the AI to some non-generic photographs with people doing a variety of activities. Despite the senselessness of these captions, some of them really amazed me and made me wonder about the AI’s wild imagination.

The lameness of these captions should also ease those who feel that machines will rise to enslave the humankind. And, in the era when smartphone cameras are learning to detect objects and scenes in the frame to produce richer colors and sharper images, it is good to see the progress of the next generation of predictive smart techniques.

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