Mahatma GandhiSocial Media apart from being a platform to share and connect is also a place where people knowingly and unknowingly make jokes that can be insensitive and racist. One such incident happened around 10 days back with a Young Sikh Girl named Balpreet Kaur in United States. For any other girl on the planet, the day would have proved to be a devastating one but for Balpreet, it was yet another casual day. A person posted a picture of Balpreet and started making fun of her because she has facial here (which is, let me tell you, totally natural). Honestly, most of us would have entered a defensive and biting mood and would have then gone to show all the anger we had and finally feeling bad about ourselves and getting depressed. But Balpreet was wise enough to take this as an opportunity to explain her thoughts and show the world what she was made up of. She talked about ‘Sacredness of the body’ and the ‘need to keep it intact’. She responded to every comment – Bad, Good, Supportive, Neutral – every feeling and response that came her way. The conversation was heart-touching and anyone who was following it that day would have had a transformed heart now. Even the poster of the pic apologized in a way that made made everyone feel warm and the conversation finally ended in a way that not only showed the world how strong Balpreet is but it also showed how much responsible we need to be while on internet. Thanks to Balpreet we are able to remember the Mahatma in a better way on this Gandhi Jayanti.

To Balpreet, “You da girl, are simply the best. Stay the way you are! ;)”

Reddit, please change the title of the post where all this discussion took place from “I’m not sure what to conclude from this” to “Now I am sure what to conclude from this”.

Here’s the Link to actual conversation which took place on Reddit.


  1. “A person posted a picture of Balpreet and started making fun of her because she has facial here”
    I was totally confused because here is written instead of hair.. i understood it after clicking the reddit link that it was facial hair..
    But claps for the lady!