Today I Learned, 6 Most Interesting Facts About Wikipedia

Today I Learned, 6 Most Interesting Facts About Wikipedia

Today I Learned, 6 Most Interesting Facts About WikipediaFew days back, I was asked this question on Quora, “What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about Wikipedia?”. I thought why not write a post about it here and later answer it there.

Today, I am going to share some amazing facts about Wikipedia and I am sure, this post will blow your mind. So, Keep calm and Read on!

1. Wikipedia has an official theme song which is known as “Hotel Wikipedia”.

Hotel Wikipedia is the official theme song for Wikipedia lovers which is inspired by The Eagles’ 1976 song “Hotel California”. This song however never been recorded but the lyrics are ready, you can give it a try if you wish to.

2.  There is a Wikipedia for children and people with learning disabilities (

The Simple Wikipedia uses easily understandable language and also the articles are less detailed as compared to the articles on the same topic on usual Wikipedia website.

Here’s an example. Read this article about Cats on Wikipedia and Simple Wikipedia. You will get the difference.

3.  Wikipedia has a list of films that most frequently use the word “Fuck”.

There is a documentary on the word Fuck released in 2005, directed by Steve Anderson. This documentary demonstrates the social, political, personal, historical, linguistic and artistic significance of the word Fuck.

This is the movie which has used the word Fuck maximum times, at the rate of 8.86 uses/minute in a total duration of 93 minutes.

Here’s the complete list which is updated frequently.

4.  It would take 16 years and 9 months to read entire English Wikipedia.

If you start reading English Wikipedia today and you read at the speed of 300 words/minute, without taking any break or sleep. It would take approximately 17 years to complete entire English Wikipedia.

Infographic:  How Long Would It Take To Read Entire English Wikipedia.

5.  You can create a book containing Wikipedia articles of your choice and export a printed copy.

Wikipedia Book Creater has been there since 2009 but most people are still not aware of it, so i thought of sharing it here.

It’s a special tool which helps you in organizing the Wikipedia’s knowledge in the form of a book. You can also order the printed copy of your book via pediapress.

Here’s a small video tutorial which explains how Book Creator works,

6.  87% of Wikipedia contributors are men.

This fact popped up when Wikipedia itself surveyed the site in various dimensions in March 201o. Here’s the Link to the survey results.

Here’s a brownie fact,

Chinese wiki encyclopedia Baidu Baike which was launched in 2008 is now larger than the English language Wikipedia in terms of articles count.

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