Twitter Might Soon Ask You to Edit a Potentially Offensive Tweet

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Twitteratti have always wanted an Edit button and to their utmost happiness, the platform recently confirmed that work on the feature is ongoing. While we are yet to know proper details on this, it seems like Twitter has started rolling out the feature for tweets that are deemed offensive. But, there’s a twist! Here are the details.

Twitter’s Edit Button Starts Rolling Out!

As per tipster Mukul Sharma, Twitter has started rolling out an edit feature, which will ask you to edit a tweet that can be offensive through a pop-up message. So, when you are posting a tweet on the platform and Twitter feels it is derogatory, it will ask you to reconsider the choice of words. You can either review it and edit the tweet or just post it.

With this option, Twitter will also enable a channel for users to provide feedback in case the platform is wrong about a certain tweet. However, you should know that this is not really the ability to edit tweets. The feature, which is expected to be released soon, will allow users to edit an already-posted tweet.

The ability was also spotted recently and it will reside under the three-dotted menu available next to the tweet. Although, it still remains to be seen when this feature will finally be available for users.

In addition to this, Twitter is expected to introduce the ability to view stats (likes, comments, retweets) of a particular tweet right from the notification section for rather easy access. This will dismiss the need for opening a tweet, again and again, to see how much traction it has got.

That said, you should know that these features haven’t been released officially. Plus, Twitter hasn’t made any announcement too. We shall see when these will be released for all. So, stay tuned for more details, and do share your thought on this potential Twitter feature in the comments below.

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