This Tool Lets You Spot Satellites Without a Telescope


Do you want to take your skywatching experience to the next level? James Darpinian, graphics and computer vision engineer at Google has developed a web app that you might not want to miss out if you have a thing for the sky. Called “See a Satellite Tonight”, the website allows you to know the right time to watch satellites orbiting our planet.

The web app makes use of Street View so that you can get a better understanding regarding where to look in order to spot one of these satellites. You can also turn on browser notifications to get reminded exactly when the satellite is passing your location.

As soon as you click the “See where it will appear in your sky” button, the website will take you to the low light Street View showing the ideal place to get a clear view of the satellite. Cool, right?

Weather warnings are included on the website as well. For instance, I got a warning stating that clouds may block my view along with the percentage of clouds expected at the estimated satellite passing time.

The web page, in fact, shows you the estimated time for the upcoming six days. If you manage to find the exact location beforehand, there is no doubt you’re going to impress your companion, be it your friends or your loved ones.

So, if you’re interested to observe and admire the sky in the coming days while also spotting satellites passing by as a bonus, you know where to look. Also, do not forget to let us know your experience using the web app and if you were able to successfully spot a satellite down in the comments.

Check-out See A Satellite Tonight

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