Samsung Users Can Now Drag and Drop Files Between Their Phone and Windows 10 PC

samsung glaaxy s20 - transfer files between samsung phone and windows 10 pc
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Microsoft’s Your Phone app is already quite powerful. It allows Samsung users to pair their phones to make calls, access their mobile screen, and more on their Windows 10 PC. Now, Samsung and Microsoft have expanded this partnership, making it possible for users to drag and drop files to share them between their phones and PCs and vice-versa.

The drag and drop feature has been rolled out as part of the newest Your Phone app update. The caveat here being that it’s currently accessible only to Windows Insiders, as per the official support page. You also need to have Link To Windows version #1.5 or higher installed on your Samsung phone or tablet to make use of this feature.

Now, you must be wondering – can I transfer any file type? Are there any restrictions on file size? Yes, you can move any type of file between your mobile and Windows 10 PC. The only restriction is that file size cannot exceed 512MB. Also, you can only transfer up to 100 files in a single go.

Both the devices must also be on the same WiFi network for file transfers to work. No, a wired connection is not necessary, which makes this process truly hassle-free. Now, that we have got the basics out of the way, here are the steps you need to follow to drag and drop files between your Samsung phone and Windows PC:

How to Drag & Drop Files Between Samsung Phone and Windows PC?

You need to have your Samsung phone linked to the Your Phone app on your Windows 10 PC for this feature to work. First up, power up the Your Phone app and access the ‘Phone Screen’ option from the sidebar. Your phone screen should now show on your desktop. If you want to move files from your phone to the PC, you can execute this from either the Files app or Gallery.

In the cloned phone screen, select the files you want to move by long-pressing on the file names. All you need to do now is ‘drag’ the files out of the phone screen and ‘drop’ them to a folder of your liking on your PC.

If you want to do the opposite, i.e move files from your Windows 10 PC to a Samsung device, the process is pretty much the same. Select the files you want to move to your smartphone and drag them to the phone screen on your desktop. You should see the ‘cursor’ change to ‘Copy’ when you move it over the phone screen. Now, just drop the files and they will be copied to the Downloads folders, as per the support page.

This cool new feature is currently available only to Samsung device users and Windows 10 Insiders. We hope this feature finds its way to all users with upcoming updates.

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