Samsung Unveils New 108MP, 64MP, 48MP, And 32MP Mobile Image Sensors

samsung new sensors

Samsung has expanded its 0.7μm-Pixel ISOCELL Image Sensor range by announcing four new camera sensors for a range of mobile applications. The lineup includes the 108MP ISOCELL HM2, the 64MP ISOCELL GW3, the 48MP ISOCELL GM5, and the 32MP ISOCELL JD1.

As per an official blog post, the new sensors are up to 15% smaller than the 0.8μm sensors of the same resolution and reduce the height of the camera module by up to 10%, which should enable phone manufacturers to make slimmer, more streamlined handsets.

The new sensors will also bring Samsung’s ISOCELL 2.0 pixel technology that the company claims will allow enhanced performance despite the challenges with decreasing pixel sizes. To collect an ample amount of light despite the minute pixel sizes, Samsung is using the ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO technologies, optimized for 0.7μm.

“ISOCELL Plus retains the received light with a wall-like structure around the pixel while Smart-ISO makes full use of the incoming light by intelligently adjusting the ISO accordingly for optimal exposure … The (ISOCELL 2.0) technology further enhanced the wall structure between cells, resulting in added light sensitivity of up to 12 percent compared to the current ISOCELL Plus technology”, the company said in an official blog post.

The HM2, GW3 and JD1 are currently in mass production whereas the company is currently sampling the GM5. There’s no word on when they will start showing up on smartphones, but let’s hope that it happens sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, you can check out more information, including all the technical details about these new sensors, on the official Samsung website.

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