samsung dropship app introduced

Samsung Introduces Dropship App for File-Sharing Across Platforms

samsung dropship app introduced

Samsung has introduced a new file-sharing app called Dropship as part of its Good Lock suite of apps. The app will allow easy file transfer to other Android phones, iOS devices, and even to the web. Check out the details below.

Samsung Dropship App: Features, Availability, and More

The Dropship app is currently available for users in South Korea and can be downloaded via the Galaxy Store. Its restricted availability is further restricted as one needs to have Android 13 with One UI 5.0 on top in order to use the app.

A post on Samsung’s Community forum includes screenshots of the app, which reveals a few features of the Dropship app. It is revealed that the app allows for file transfers up to 5GB in size on a daily basis. In case you want to send heavy files, relying on Nearby Share or Quick Share might prove right.

Users can create a sharing link with a profile photo and a message and send it to the desired person. The validity period and the coordinate length can be set by the sender as per the need of the hour.

The process will be simple. The sender can select a file and choose the platform on which the file will be sent. The recipient can either enter the last four digits of the sharing link or scan the generated QR code to get the file. The recipient won’t be required to have the Dropship app or a Samsung account.

One thing to note is that the Dropship app is currently available in Korea and there’s no word on when it will be available in other regions. We shall let you know once this happens. So, stay tuned, and do let us know your thoughts about the Dropship app in the comments below.

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