5 Successful Samsung ‘C-Lab Inside’ Projects at CES 2020

Samsung Reveals 5 ‘C-Lab Inside’ Projects to be Showcased at CES 2020

5 Successful Samsung ‘C-Lab Inside’ Projects at CES 2020

Samsung has picked five innovative projects from its C-Lab Inside program to showcase at CES 2020. For those unaware, C-Lab Inside is Samsung’s incubation program that started back in 2012. Let’s take a look at the projects to know how they stand apart from other projects.

1. SelfieType

SelfieType Samsung CES 2020

The first project on the list is SelfieType. As the name hints, the project uses the front camera as an input method for a virtual keyboard. There is a proprietary SelfieType AI engine that analyzes finger movements and converts them into QWERTY keyboard inputs.

Notably, the project requires no additional hardware. This could be helpful for people well-versed in touch typing to get the same amount of typing speed in a mobile device, say a smartphone.

2. Hyler

Hyler Samsung ces 2020

Hyler is a smart highlighter that can be used to digitize texts from paper. Using Hyler, you can collect information and manage them later using the app. It also has a search mode that lets users quickly lookup for words. The search results are sourced based on the chosen search engine or dictionaries linked to Hyler.

3. Becon

Becon Samsung CES 2020

Confused to choose a hair product? Becon will do it for you. Becon analyzes your scalp and provides recommendations based on the diagnostics. An additional hand-held device is required to use the service.

Becon checks various aspects of your scalp including hair follicle density, dead skin, sensitivity, temperature, and humidity. You can track your scalp’s improvement with the provided app.

4. SunnySide

Sunnyside Samsung CES 2020

SunnySide project is an attempt to produce artificial sunlight. The device replicates the full spectrum of sunlight. It even helps to synthesize Vitamin D without going outdoors, which would be ideal for people living in extremely hot countries. The entire setup can be installed on the wall.

5. Ultra V

Ultra V Samsung CES 2020

Worried about being exposed to the sun for a long time? Ultra V sensor would help you out. The sensor measures and logs ultraviolet rays. It can be easily integrated into wearable devices. There is an app to monitor and manage the skin condition and Vitamin D production levels as well.

As I mentioned earlier, all these projects will be presented in CES 2020. Which one among these projects is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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