Realme DIZO Phones, Audio Accessories Spotted in FCC Filings and e-Commerce Website

Realme DIZO products spotted online

Earlier last week, Realme announced its new global sub-brand dubbed DIZO as part of its TechLife ecosystem. The brand is to launch ultra-affordable products in various markets, and as per recent FCC filings and online sightings, DIZO is set to bring many new products, ranging from bar phones to TWS audio accessories.

According to recent official filings registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Realme’s DIZO is aiming to launch a couple of 2G-enabled feature phones dubbed the DIZO Star 300 and the DIZO Star 500 in the market soon. Along with these sightings, the DIZO GoPods, GoPods D, and the DIZO Watch were also spotted on a Vietnamese shopping platform recently.

DIZO Star-Series Feature Phones Spotted

So, starting with the feature phones, the DIZO Star 300 and the Star 500 are 2G-supported devices with T9 keypads and low-quality rear cameras with LED flashes. Both devices feature removable batteries, dual-SIM support, microSD slots, and a huge DIZO branding at the back.

Realme DIZO products spotted online

The lower-end DIZO Star 300 will feature a bigger 2,500mAh battery as compared to the 1,830mAh one in the Star 300. On the other hand, the Star 500 comes with a bigger display and, what looks like a metal back.

Realme DIZO products spotted online

DIZO Audio Accessories Listed On Vietnamese Shopping Website

Now, coming to the accessories that were spotted on a Vietnamese online shopping platform, the DIZO GoPods are basically rebranded Realme Buds, while the DIZO Watch is a rebranded Realme Watch.

Realme DIZO products spotted online

Going by their designs, the DIZO GoPods look like the Realme Buds Air 2, which Realme launched earlier this year, while the GoPods D looks to be a rebranded Realme Buds Q2 announced last month.

Realme DIZO products spotted online

So, the DIZO GoPods D will feature the same 10mm Bass Boost+ drivers to deliver bass-heavy audio, environmental noise cancelation (ENC) for calls, a low-latency gaming mode, and support for fast-charge as the Realme Buds Q2. On the other hand, the GoPods D will come with the same 25-hour battery life and Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) support as the Realme Buds Air 2.

Realme DIZO products spotted online

Turning to the DIZO Watch, the device is expected to be a rebrand of the first-gen Realme Watch. It was initially listed on the Vietnamese website. However, if the link is opened now, the page shows that the “product does not exist”. So, looks like the company retracted the device from the shopping platform not long after it was listed.


Now, coming to the price and availability of the upcoming DIZO products, there is no info on how much the DIZO phones will cost or when they will be available. However, as the DIZO accessories were listed online, we can expect the company to launch the devices very soon.

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