Does Any Real-Life Chef Appear in The Bear

The Bear Season 3 is now available to stream. Carmy and Sydney are seen making every effort to incorporate ‘The Bear’ as one of the finest restaurants in Chicago. Other staff members of the restaurant are also seen helping them out by pushing themselves beyond their limits. Now, as the TV Show is based on the hospitality business, where we see the chefs working day and night to prepare authentic delicacies, it’s normal for fans to wonder if any real-life chefs appear in the show. Well, let’s find out.

The Bear Features a Real-Life Canadian Chef in a Pivotal Role

Matty Matheson in The Bear
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Surprisingly, the Bear TV series does feature a real-life chef in a guest appearance. The one we know as Neil Fak, the childhood friend of Mickey and Carmy, is a real-life Canadian chef named Matty Matheson. Now, you must be intrigued to know that if Matty is a real-life chef, then why does The Bear not see him as a chef? Well, that’s because when Matty Matheson was approached by Christopher Storer, he clearly said that he would never cook in the series.

Initially, Storer asked Matheson if he would like to be a part of the restaurant-centered TV Series. He couldn’t say anything as he was too hesitant, so Matheson just said, “I really wouldn’t want to be a chef if you’re going to ask me that. That sucks. I wouldn’t want to do that because that’s stressful.” However, when Christopher said that he would have to portray the role of a handyman, Matheson agreed within seconds. The Canadian chef also justifies his decision for not to cook in the TV show by saying that a kitchen is a busy place where he wouldn’t be able to cook anything while doing dialogues.

Besides him, there were cameos from several celebrated chefs on the show. The French Chef Daniel Boulud appeared in the flashbacks where we saw him guiding Carmy. A Danish Chef also appears in the first episode of The Bear Season 3. We see Carmy working with him in the restaurant named Noma. The American chef and Restaurateur Thomas Keller was also seen in the flashbacks, where we see Carmy working at his Napa restaurant.

Furthermore, the third season of The Bear saw some more cameos from the famed chefs, including Anna Posey, Christina Tosi, Grant Achatz, and Malcolm Livingston II.

Honestly, seeing a show about a restaurant acknowledging so many real-life chefs is amazing. It’s one of many other reasons we can’t get over The Bear.

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