One Piece: Joy Girl Isn’t Overpowered as Fans Feared

In Short
  • As Luffy and Bonney transformed into their Gear 5 forms, they engaged in combat with Saint Marcus Mars, who was in his Itsumade form.
  • Using her Gear 5 ability to enlarge her muscles and harden them with Armament Haki, Bonney dealt a strike to Luffy's back to support him.
  • After Bonney delivered a single blow, she transformed back into her former self quickly. Bonney was weary of her freedom, making it clear that she couldn't use Gear 5 for as long as Luffy.

One Piece manga Chapter 1118 surprised fans with Bonney using her devil fruit powers to transform into the second Nika. While this was a beautiful and unexpected moment, some in the fandom were not happy with Oda’s decision to introduce another Nika into the story alongside Luffy.

The reason is that Bonney was able to unlock Gear 5 form with such ease compared to Luffy. While this was a reasonable concern, the situation was cleverly handled by Oda sensei. There are certain limitations to Bonney’s devil fruit powers, as revealed in One Piece chapter 1119 spoilers.

As one of the Five Elders in One Piece, Saint Marcus Mars, appeared in his Itsumade form, Luffy and Bonney in their Gear 5 forms began to battle the elder. Bonney, Sanji, and Franky carried out Luffy’s quirky plan to assist him in throwing off the enormous bird monster.

Bonney Joy Girl
Image Courtesy: X/Uruhiyo

As a result, Bonney delivered a massive blow to Luffy’s back by using her Gear 5 ability to grow her muscles and harden them with Armament Haki, one of the three types of Haki. Furthermore, this was the first time we saw Bonney use Haki.

After throwing a massive punch, we expected Bonney to make use of her Nika-like powers against the Five Elders. However, this isn’t the case in the manga. After delivering a powerful strike, we saw Bonney return to her original form. Thus, it is evident that this freedom came with a heavy price to pay as being free exhausted her super quickly.

We all knew Bonney’s devil fruit powers were overpowered, however, it also has serious limitations. She can remain in a distorted future “Nika” version for only a temporary period.

This incident also indirectly proves how Luffy is an overpowered main character as he can remain free for as long as he wishes to be. He has slowly started mastering his Gear 5 ability and only needs a quick recharge snack to get back to being Nika. That said, are you satisfied with Bonney’s access to Nika’s powers in One Piece? Let us know in the comments below.

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