motorola smart safe feat.

Motorola’s New Compact “Smart” Safe Can Keep Your Valuables Safe

motorola smart safe feat.

There was a time when people kept their most important documents and files inside a safe instead of digital devices and cloud storage platforms. However, there are some things that cannot be stored digitally and need to be kept safe from prying eyes. So, if you have those kinds of things which you have been storing behind your wardrobe or under your floors, then you should definitely check out this award-winning “smart” safe from Motorola.

Apart from making budget smartphones and cool foldable devices, Motorola also manufactures different electronic equipment like this “Bolt Smart Safe“. It is a blend of old-school hardware and modern-day technology that makes this safe “smart”.

Motorola smart safe 2

The “Bolt Smart Safe” by Motorola is a compact yet sturdy storing container that adds a strong layer of security for your important items or documents. It is 6-inch high and 12.8-inch wide and weighs about 2.89 lbs (~1.31 Kg). You can keep it on your desk or mount it on a wall using the easy-to-use instructions and mounting template that comes with the device.

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Now, apart from being a secure place for storing your items, the “smart” safe comes with a whole lot of features. It connects with a smartphone and helps users monitor their items 24/7 with the Motorola “Smart Safe” app. Users can even lock or unlock the safe remotely from almost anywhere using their smartphone.

Apart from the above features, the safe also comes equipped with a water-resistant keypad, a nifty alert feature via emails, messages, and the “Smart Safe” app and a humidity and odor control system. And these features make the Motorola Bolt one of the safest yet easily accessible places to store your valuables.

Now, the Motorola “Bolt Smart Safe” comes at a price of $129 (~Rs 9806). However, as of writing this article, the device is available at a discounted price of $109.99 (~Rs 83620). You can check it out right from here.

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