This Money Heist Themed Instagram Filter is Hilarious

Money heist filter feat.

Face filters on Instagram have become something very trendy on the platform. There are numerous face filters that are available on Instagram. Earlier we saw Respawn promote its new Legend in Apex Legends with a Revenant face filter. Now, there is a face filter following the theme of the massively popular Netflix original, Money Heist (La Casa De Papel). It will make you dance under raining dollars as one of the gang members and it looks hilarious.

The filter is created by Yisus, an Instagram user. He made many face filters and the “Bella Ciao” filter is his latest creation. He created the filter a few days before the latest season of the web series aired on Netflix recently.

Now, the “Bella Ciao” filter essentially puts the user’s face onto a dancing animated model wearing a red jumpsuit, much like the main characters of the series. Only, instead of the Salvador Dali mask, there will be your face. You will be dancing in, what looks like an animated set of the Bank of Spain as millions of dollars rain down upon you. Also, the main song of the series, “Bella Ciao” will be playing in the background. This song has now become a song for resistance in many countries.

So, if you want to dance as one of Professor’s (Alvaro Morte) gang members in the Bank of Spain under raining dollars, just follow these steps:

  • Open Instagram and go to the search/explore tab.
  • Search of the “yisus.saavedra” and open his account.
  • Go to the tab with the face icon.
  • Find the filter named “BELLA CIAO”.
  • Add it to your filter library by tapping the button at the bottom of the screen.

Now, you’re ready to join “La Resistencia”. So, speak no more and dance.

With the massive popularity of the web series, Money Heist, people have started loving the Professor and his gang of robbers. So, here’s your chance to be one of them and dance your head off!

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