MIUI Pure Mode Protects Users from Malicious Apps

MIUI Pure Mode Protects Users from Malicious Apps
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Xiaomi is working on a new MIUI feature that aims to reduce the installation of malicious apps on its phones. Dubbed MIUI Pure Mode, the feature blocks installation of unknown apps to enhance user security.

MIUI Pure Mode on Xiaomi Phones

According to Xiaomi, almost 40 percent of apps installed on phones running MIUI have never passed the company’s security audits. Moreover, almost 10 percent of these apps are considered malicious. To prevent unsuspecting users from installing apps that might compromise privacy and security, Xiaomi is now testing Pure Mode in MIUI 12.5.

Pure Mode is an upcoming installation mode where users won’t have the option to sideload apps. This should help prevent malicious app installations from sketchy third-party sources. However, the company clarifies that it won’t force everyone to use Pure Mode. Hence, you can choose to turn off Pure Mode if you consider yourself a power user who often sideloads apps.

As of this writing, Xiaomi is accepting testers for MIUI Pure Mode in China. The slots will open from September 6 to 10. If the feature proves to be an instant hit among early adopters, we could expect future updates in the stable version to ship with Pure mode. While there’s no word on the availability of the feature outside China, it doesn’t seem like the company would restrict a safety feature to its home country.

MIUI’s Pure Mode seems like a promising feature to help users that are not tech-savvy, especially elderly people. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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  • You should think about the broader consumer spectrum. There are many users eho aren’t tech savy and don’t want to/can’t buy an iPhone. This feature would definitely give many users a peace of mind.

  • This is like a Lion asking the petite lamb to come in its cave so that it will protect the lamb from becoming a food for other hunters.

  • This is just the start of Android’s downfall. Google is likely pushing companies like Xiaomi to implement these modes.
    Soon, we can expect them to declare the feature a “hit” and have this option turned on by default for new phones. Then they will completely remove sideloading with the justification that “nobody sideloads anymore” or in the guise of “sideloading is a security concern”.
    The beauty of Android is in it’s customizability and open nature. If you take away all that made it great, it just becomes a discount iOS clone.

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