mi community app and website disabled

Mi Community App and Website Temporarily Disabled in India

mi community app and website disabled

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know that the Indian Government recently banned 59 Chinese apps in response to the growing tension between the two countries. Apple and Google had already removed all these apps from their respective app stores. One of the apps among those banned was Xiaomi’s Mi Community and it’s finally respecting the government’s directive – two weeks too late.

In an official statement shared on its forum, Xiaomi has temporarily disabled the Mi Community app and website in India. The website is currently unreachable and if you already have the app downloaded, the home page will load up but you won’t be able to read any of the community posts. You will see a ‘web page not available’ error within the app.

The Mi Community website, as reported by GizmoChina, will direct you to the official notice. But, we didn’t see the notice in our case. The website is just unreachable for us. You can, however, check out Xiaomi’s official statement in the image below.

mi community statement xiaomi

As you can read above, Xiaomi finds adhering to “the orders, processes, and protocols required by the authorities” its corporate responsibility. It plans to meet government authorities to submit a clarification. “Mi Community adheres to the most stringent data privacy and security requirements under Indian law. The privacy and security of our Mi Fans is of utmost importance to us,” adds the company.

For those unaware, the Mi Community app is a forum where Xiaomi smartphone users can discuss new features, post suggestions, and report bugs. It is also where the phone maker makes announcements related to software updates, patches, and more. You can head to XDA Forums (dedicated to your devices) for any immediate help needed with your smartphone.

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