Jio Became the First Telco to Offer 4G Services Near the Pangong Lake in Ladakh

Jio Became the First Telco to Offer 4G Services near the Pangong Lake in Ladakh

Reliance Jio has been focused on bringing accessibility to high-speed 4G networks for all Indian citizens. Last year, the company announced the JioPhone Next, the most affordable 4G smartphone, by partnering with Google. Now, Jio has become the first Indian telco to offer high-speed 4G networks in Ladakh’s Pangong Lake region. Check out the details below.

Jio Now Offers 4G Services in Ladakh

Jio recently built a 4G mobile tower in the Spangmik village near the Pangong Lake region in Ladakh to offer high-speed voice and data services in the region. This marks the first time that a telecom operator has established a 4G service-providing mobile tower in the high-altitude region of Ladakh.

The new Jio Mobile Tower in Spangmik village was recently inaugurated by the Lok Sabha member from Ladakh, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal. Following the inauguration, the MLA reportedly congratulated the people living in the area. Namgyal also stated that with the installation of the Jio mobile tower in Spangmik village, the ‘long-pending demand of the people has been fulfilled by Jio.

MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal Inaugurating the Jio Mobile Tower at Spangmik Village

For those unaware, the Pangong Lake, which is near the Spangmik village in Ladakh, is a popular attraction for tourists. Thousands of tourists from India and around the world go to Pangong Lake every year to get a glimpse of its beauty.

With the Jio mobile tower now operational, these tourists as well as the people living near the region will get access to high-speed voice calling and internet services, considering they use Jio’s connections. In fact, Namgyal said that the new Jio tower would improve the economy of the region and provide seamless connectivity to tourists and the Indian troops living in the area.

Speaking of the achievement, Reliance Jio stated that the development team had to endure harsh weather conditions and difficult terrains while building the 4G mobile tower in the region. “Overcoming the challenge of extremely difficult terrain and harsh weather conditions, Team Jio continues with its efforts of reaching the remotest parts of the Union Territory to ensure that people remain in touch in the areas which otherwise remain cut off from the rest of the country for months,” a Jio official said.

Jio has also launched its services in Kanji, Urbis, and Hanupatta villages in Khalsi Block and Chunglungkha village in Diskit Block in May this year.

So, if you plan to go to Ladakh sometime in the future or if you already have plans, be sure to get a Jio SIM card before making the journey. That way, you can be posting mesmerizing images of the Pangong Lake on your Instagram right from where you click them. Also, let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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