Jailbreak Tweak Allows Users to Open iPhone Camera with a Gesture


Jailbroken iPhones have always offered a lot more customization features than a regular iPhone. As Apple does not support many customization, developers release jailbreak tweaks for the jailbroken devices so people can do more with their iPhones and iPads.

Now, we all know that the iPhone comes equipped with a great point-and-shoot camera. However, while there are many ways to access the camera on an iPhone, each one of these methods requires you to leave what you are doing on the device. This makes it hard to launch the camera instantly.

This neat jailbreak tweak (horribly) named Fisting, lets you access the camera from anywhere in the system. The tweak is developed by an iOS developer going by the name of “kremedved”. It is a free jailbreak tweak for iOS 12 and iOS 13 jailbroken devices.

The tweak essentially provides you with a way to open the camera app of the iPhone from anywhere in the system, be it from the home screen, notification centre, or while using an app. Using “Fisting” is quite easy as it is a gesture-based tweak and uses the device’s gyroscope.

How to Use “Fisting”

Now suppose you are browsing the web on your phone by the window and suddenly you see a mesmerising view outside. Now, normally you need to exit the browser and find the camera icon to launch the app. However, with this tweak, you just have to twist your wrist two times and the camera app will launch right away. Another way to open the iPhone camera would be to shake the device as you did for “shake to undo”.

This trick works from anywhere within the system as long as your phone screen is on. The developer did not want to activate the camera accidentally as the twist movement can be common when the device is in your pocket. If you want to check out the tweak and download it from the link below.


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