Italian Guy Gets a QR-Code Tattoo for His COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

Italian Guy Gets a QR-Code Tattoo for His COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

As technology advances, QR code tattoos have become quite a trendy thing amongst tattoo lovers. Usually, a permanent body imprint of a QR-code leads you to the person’s favorite song or maybe a music video. However, a man in Italy recently got a unique QR-code tattoo that leads scanners to his COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

As per reports, the Italian man lodged a QR code leading to the person’s EU COVID vaccination certificate, letting the scanner know that he is COVID-free. Tattoo artist Gabriele Pellerone created this bewildering tattoo on his client’s forearm, which is proof of the fact that he is shielded from the Novel Coronavirus.

My first instinct was obviously to scan this weird but intriguing tattoo, and I did. Upon scanning, it took me to another QR code, this time, a rather complex one. This QR code would have been extremely difficult to embed. However, even after the QR code-ception, I couldn’t see his certificate. I am guessing it’s region-specific.

Now, an imminent risk that he runs is that the QR code getting outdated. However, we anyway regret our mindless tattoos after a decade. Like those, flying birds on your forearm, the quintessential dreamcatcher on your ankle, or the One Direction tattoo that you got when you were 17, or the “not all who wanders are lost”-kinda quotes. They too become outdated in a way, don’t you think?

The COVID-19 pandemic has scarred all of us in different ways. So, we can unanimously agree on that. But then comes this person who has a physical, artistic scar on himself to remind him of the times that we are in forever.

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