How to Create Polls in iMessage Group Chats on iPhone and iPad

The default Messages app on iOS is pretty feature-rich. It supports message replies, you can tag people, and of course, it’s encrypted. However, one of the things that iMessage users miss out on, is the ability to create polls. Fortunately, the App Store integration within iMessage means there’s pretty much an app for everything. So, if you want to create a poll in your iMessage group chat, here is how to go about it.

Create Polls in iMessage Group Chats on iPhone and iPad (2022)

iMessage comes with an integrated App Store to let you download apps that you can access and use right from a conversation thread. In this guide, I’m going to use a poll creation app to create polls in iMessage group chats. Though there are several apps that let you add a poll feature to the stock messaging app on your iOS device, I have found “Polls for iMessage” more user-friendly and reliable. We have also mentioned some of the other apps you can use to create iMessage polls at the end of this article.

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Create Polls in iMessage Group Chats

  • To get started, open the Apple Messages app on your iPhone or iPad and then head over to a group chat.
Open Messages app on your iPhone
  • Now, tap the “App Store” icon in the iMessage app drawer and then hit the tiny magnifying glass icon located next to your profile photo.
Open iMessage App Store
  • Next, enter Polls for iMessage in the search bar and then download the app just like any other app.
Download Polls for iMessage
  • Next up, return to the group chat. After that, swipe towards the left from right on the app drawer to find Polls for iMessage and then tap on its icon.
Using Polls for iMessage
  • Up next, tap Get Started. Then, type in the poll title and hit Next.
Set Poll Title
  • Now, add at least two options. You will need to tap Done after each option.
Add options for iMessage polls
  • Next, tap the Settings icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and then customize your poll settings. For instance, you can allow/disallow everyone to check who voted for each option and allow/disallow others to add options to the poll.
Customize iMessage polls
  • Once you have perfectly customized your iMessage poll, tap the back button (tiny arrow) at the upper-left corner of the screen. Finally, hit Send Poll and you are done!
Send iMessage polls

Download Polls for iMessage (Free)

Other Notable iMessage Poll Apps You Can Try

Polls for iMessage isn’t the only app you can use to create iMessage polls. However, it is our pick because it has plenty of features, updates in real time, and is free to use. That said, if you want to check out other options for creating polls on your iPhone group chat, here are some of the other apps you can try out.

1. TinyPoll

Should you need more flexibility for creating and making changes for polls, TinyPoll could be a preferred option for you. The app allows you to create an iMessage poll with ease and also tweak it as many times as you would want. What’s more, it also offers a better way to keep a track of the voting. Keep in mind that the freemium version of the app lets you create just one poll per day (only 3 options per poll). If you want to create unlimited polls (up to 5 options per poll), you will need to subscribe to the pro version ($1.99/year).


Install: (free, the full version is available for $1.99/year)

2. Polls – Create Polls in iMessage

“Polls” is a pretty simple and easy-to-use iMessage app that allows you to create polls in iMessage group chats with the desired flexibility. Depending on your needs, you can customize your poll and send it in the group chat. Notably, the app offers a neat presentation of the voting result so that you can easily find out which way the wind is blowing. While this iMessage app is available for free, you will need to upgrade to the premium version ($0.99/year) for creating unlimited polls.

Polls - Create Polls in iMessage

Install: (free, the full version is available for $0.99/year)

Use Polls in iMessage on iOS and iPadOS

That’s done! So, the next time you can’t decide on a topic or wish to take everyone onboard regarding a proposal, make sure to bring a poll into action. These iMessage apps are simple and work reliably like a native feature. However, it would be great to have a built-in poll feature in the stock messaging app in iOS 16? What’s your take on it? Do share your thoughts with us. And if you wish to unlock the full potential of iMessage, check out these best iMessage tips, iMessage games, and cool sticker packs to spice up messaging.

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