How to Attach Lead to a Boat in Minecraft

In Short
  • You can attach a lead to a boat by using a lead on a boat in Minecraft. This also applies to chest boats and bamboo rafts.
  • This is fairly useful, as you can move lots of mobs around at once, by leading several boats filled with them.
  • The same can be said for items. Attach leads to a bunch of chest boats to carry a whole storage system with you.

While the Minecraft 1.21 update might not have introduced a lot of groundbreaking features, it did bring the two editions even closer. How, you might be wondering? Well, the update has brought about the ability to use lead on boats! Want to learn how to attach lead to boats in Minecraft? Well, keep reading to learn how!

Attach Lead to a Boat in Minecraft

In case you don’t already have a Minecraft lead and a Minecraft boat ready, you can follow our two linked guides that explain how you can craft them. With that out of the way, let’s now see how you can attach a lead to a boat.

Well, it’s fairly simple. Select the lead on your hotbar and use it on a boat (right-click or use the secondary action button). It can be an empty boat or with some passengers inside. You’ll see it get attached to a boat, just like it would do to many other entities in the game. You can now move around and the attached boat will follow you.

Player moving two villagers in a boat with a lead

However, unlike Minecraft mobs, the boat cannot go up a block, as the lead will just break. So, you can only lead it easily on the same Y level or while going downslope. This sadly also counts for blocks that are just a little bit shorter than full blocks, like path blocks.

If a boat is on a path block, it cannot go onto a grass or dirt block next to it, as it cannot even go one pixel up. So, steer clear of those blocks and you’ll have a very easy time leading a boat. You can also lead other boat variants, such as chest boats and bamboo rafts.

Leads attached to a boat, chest boat, raft and chest raft in Minecraft

Attach Lead to a Boat in Minecraft: Uses

Sure, it’s pretty weird that you can attach a lead to a boat in Minecraft, but this mechanic is far more impressive than you think. Why? Because it actually has two relevant uses. These are:

1. Easy Mob Transport

Thanks to the fact you can lead a bunch of boats at once, that means you can also transport lots of mobs at once. Nudge them into the boat or simply lead the boat towards them to place them inside it.

Then, travel towards the desired location and all the mobs will safely follow inside their boats. Just make sure to attach the lead to a boat and not any mob inside it. This can save so much time, as you don’t need to make many trips back and forth.

Player leading several boats with mobs inside them

Furthermore, boats are the most useful on the water of course. So, use the rivers, lakes, and oceans to transport the mobs, as this is far more reliable and faster. It can be a bit difficult to control many boats with mobs inside since they can collide and cause some strange physics to take place. So just be patient in this process.

2. Large Portable Storage

If you can transport lots of mobs at once, it stands to reason you can move lots of items around as well. Attach leads to lots of chest boats and you’ll be able to carry an entire storage system if you want to.

Furthermore, you can fill those chest boats with llamas and you’ll have maximum storage space available. This can help a lot if you’re moving your base or have lots of resources far away.

Player leading several chest boats with llamas inside

And now you know how to attach lead to boats in Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition! As you can see, it’s so easy but still makes for such a useful feature. So, stop wasting time and go transport mobs and items easily right away.

How do you lead a villager in a boat?

To lead a villager in a boat you should place the villager inside a boat first by nudging them towards it or bringing the boat to them. Then, use a lead on a boat and it’ll be attached. Now move on the same Y level or downwards for the easiest control over the boat.

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