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Google Invests in News Juice Technology

google news feat

Rome, July 24 (IANS/AKI)¬†Italian news agency Adnkronos has taken center-stage with an innovation that revolutionizes journalism and use of information by the public – the ‘News Juice’ technology, a project that the Google Digital News Innovation Fund has expressed interest in and whose development it has decided to co-finance.

A semantic engine that reads, understands and synthesizes news, ‘News Juice’ will give journalists real support in creating video news for end-users via all of Adnkronos’ channels of communication and a dedicated YouTube channel.

The technology will provide a key tool for newsrooms, enabling them to easily retrieve archive material including photos from Adnkronos’ databases thanks to the methodology of artificial intelligence.

‘News Juice’ will also allow the release of video news with correct timelines of events to ensure the information that reaches end-users is trustworthy. This innovative way of countering fake news was spawned by a project conceived by Adnkronos, an organization that has harnessed the power of information to play a leading role in the media for the past 55 years.

“Adnkronos has innovation in its DNA,” said Adnkronos Group president Giuseppe Marra.

“We have always been committed to identifying and developing solutions and services that improve the content available to end-users to ensure authoritative and reliable information.

“Our recognition by the Google DNI Fund show how quality projects can bring together different expertise in the continuous quest for new instruments that make sure the media world moves with the times,” he added.

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