Google Fit on Android Starts Rolling Out New ‘Paced Walking’ Activity Mode

Google fit paced walking feature

Google’s fitness-focused app on Android Google Fit today gained a new Paced Walking activity mode. Evidence related to the launch of this feature was reportedly discovered earlier this week. However, Google has started rolling out the activity mode to a small number of users.

Paced Walking, for those unaware, is essentially a dedicated activity mode that allows users to pace-walk or brisk-walk easily. Paced walking, also known as Brisk Walking, is a form of walking exercise that involves walking at faster speeds. And the Paced Walking feature on the Google Fit app allows you to do just that, and also plays a metronome-like beat in the background to keep your pace consistent.

So, if the feature is available on your device, you can find it as a new card on the Google Fit app’s Home tab. Tapping the card, titled “Try paced walking”, initiates a small tour of the feature, will allow you to set a pace for your walks, and also select a beat-speed to go with it.

Google fit paced walking feature

Now, when you start a Paced Walking session, the feature will start playing the selected beat at the pre-set rate to help you pace walk in a consistent manner. Plus, the app will continue to play the metronome beat in the background even if you start listening to a podcast or your favorite workout song.

Google fit paced walking feature

You can check out a video showcasing the Paced Walking activity mode and the beat right below.

Anmol from our team was able to get his hands on the said feature, as you can see in the screenshots and the video above. However, the rollout has been pretty inconsistent as of now. Nonetheless, you can try your luck by downloading or updating the Google Fit app (v2.57.16) from the Play Store on your Android device.

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