How to Beat Promised Consort Radahn in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree did justice to the base game of Elden Ring in every way possible. One of the amazing decisions was returning Radahn as the final boss in the Shadow of the Tree DLC, which did much-needed justice to arguably the best-designed boss in the base game. Radahn Consort of Miquella, was merged with Mohg’s body by Miquella and he is the final boss of the Elden Ring DLC. If you’ve found yourself toward the end but are having trouble then keep reading as we show you how to beat Promised Consort Radahn in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Radahn, Consort of Miquella Location in Elden Ring


Radahn, Consort of Miquella is located in Enir-Ilim, at the very end of the legacy dungeon. To reach Enir-Ilim, players must beat Messmer and use his Kindling to burn the Sealing Tree. After burning the Sealing Tree, players will be teleported to Enir-Ilim. After reaching Enir-Ilim, players must defeat Miquella’s Followers first to access the Radahn, Consort of Miquella Boss fight.

Enir-Ilim is a ruthless Legacy Dungeon filled with strong enemies that can easily defeat you. Here is how you can reach Radahn, Consort of Miquella’s boss chamber:

  • Players will be first teleported to the Enir-Ilim: Outer Wall Site of Grace after burning the sealing tree. Refer to our guide above if you haven’t yet.
  • The path from here to the First Rise Site of Grace is straightforward, so continue moving until you reach it.
  • Now go through the South Western archway from the Site of Grace and continue up the stairs.
  • Jump over the little gap, continue forward, and go up using the stairs on the left. Here you will find a Horned Warrior, wearing a Dancing Lion’s head. Go past him and up the long stairway. Keep sprinting, otherwise, you will get hit by the incoming spells.
  • You will find the Spiral Rise Site of Grace at the end of the stairway. Go up the Spiral staircase from here until you reach a left jumpable window.
  • Jump out of the window to the rooftop, and head right. Soon you will find three grave birds, either defeat or run past them. Jump over the rooftop and head up the stairs to eventually reach an open space.
  • You must now crisscross over the rooftops to reach the spiral staircase through another window.
Step 7
  • Continue making your way up the staircase and eventually, you will enter an open area with a Horned Warrior mini-boss. Head past it up the stairway to reach Miquella’s Followers Boss room. Defeat Miquella’s Followers and head to the next room.
  • Use the elevator and continue going up the stairs to reach the Radahn, Consort of Miquella boss room.

Radahn, Consort of Miquella Weaknesses in Elden Ring

Radahn Consort of Miquella Weaknesses Elden Ring

Radahn, consort of Miquella has massive HP and is extremely hard to DPS down. Overall he doesn’t really have many weaknesses, but you can still use the following things to get an advantage:

  • Bleed Still Works: Bleed does the most damage to Radahn, even though it takes a longer time than normal to proc.
  • Frost also works: Frost buildup also works to a lesser extent than bleed. But these are the only ways to deal excessive damage to Radahn.

How to Defeat Radahn, Consort of Miquella in Elden Ring

Radahn, Consort of Miquella is, in my opinion, the hardest boss in the Soulsborne franchise. He is very aggressive, has a massive attack range, and can do multiple variations of the same attack pattern to confuse the players.

Panic rolling is out of question during this fight, because any mistake will lead to instant death due to the massive damage output of Radahn’s every attack.

How to Fight Radahn, Consort of Miquella in Phase 1

Radahn Consort of Miquella Phase 1 Elden Ring

As he is the hardest boss fight in the game. Use every summon you can use during this fight and even then it will be extremely hard for you to win. First, always keep at a mid-range distance so that you can sprint away to avoid attacks. Wait for Radahn to target one of the summons, before going close and hitting on its back.

Phase 1 is best fought with ranged attacks, spells, or the new throwable weapons. Your main objective during this phase is to save your Healing Flasks for Phase 2. If possible, also save your Spirit Summon, which will improve your odds of defeating him. Bleed works best on him, so try the quickest bleed proc builds you can.

Here are all his attack patterns in phase 1 and how to dodge them:

  • Spinning Lunge: This is often the first attack Radahn does after entering the boss room. He spins in the air and homes in on players with a strong impact that creates spikes from the ground. To dodge it perfectly, wait for Radahn to get close to you before side-rolling.
  • Lion’s Claw: The attack is pretty explanatory. Radahn spins in the air and slams his blades on the player. He can do this twice consecutively, or once. Dodging this attack is pretty simple, wait for him to start descending towards you and side roll to avoid the attack. Stay ready in case he does it twice.
  • Gravity Pull and Smash: This attack is similar to old Radahn’s gravity pull and smash, the difference being that the attack also raises spikes from the ground. To dodge it, wait for Radahn to charge the attack completely, and as he separates his hands to pull the player, side roll to avoid the attack.
  • Left-Right Cross Slash: During this combo attack, Radahn does a wide slash with his left arm, followed by another wide slash with his right arm. Then he charges for half a second and executes a cross-slash attack that sends spikes from the ground. To dodge this attack, always double-dodge roll to your right and towards Radahn. Dodge-rolling backward always receives a hit from either of the hands or from the ground spikes.
  • Pick up and Smash: In this attack, Radahn uses both his swords to toss up and smash the player, dealing really high damage. This attack is very slow in execution, and you will only get hit by it if you roll early. The best way to dodge it is to sprint away. You may still need to dodge roll if you cannot reach far enough to avoid the attack.
  • Meteor Throw: Radahn jumps into the air and conjures 4-5 meteors, which home in on the players. The easiest way to dodge this attack is sprinting either left or right of the attack and jumping at the last second.
  • Side Slash Combo: During this combo attack, Radahn does five wide-sweeping attacks as he moves toward the player. This combo can also have a 6th attack, so be careful while healing. To dodge this attack, it’s best to roll backward and sprint backward when you dodge the first strike.
  • Slam Slash Stomp combo: Radahn starts running towards the player and starts the combo with a slam attack from his right hand, followed by two quick wide slashes. Then he can continue the combo by smashing the swords into the ground and with a slightly delayed attack, followed by another upheaval attack that raises the spikes from the ground. To dodge this combo, time the dodge-roll for the first slam attack, and then quickly do a double side roll to avoid the following slashes. Next wait half a second and dodge roll again to the backside of Radahn, and jump during the upheaval attack.
  • Blood Flame Slash: This attack is similar to Mohg’s blood flame attacks, as he slashes with his sword to create a blood flame trail, followed by an explosive thrust attack, after which the blood flame trail explodes. This attack can be dodge easily with with timed side rolls.

How to Fight Radahn, Consort of Miquella in Phase 2


After Radahn drops below 30-40% HP, he enters the phase 2 transitions cutscene. During the phase 2 transition, his boss name changes from “Promised Consort Radahn”, to “Radahn, Consort of Miquella”. During this phase, Miquella holds on to Radahn’s back and imbues all his attacks with holy strikes. Radahn’s phase 2 is even more difficult, with Radahn being very aggressive and almost two-shotting players instantly.

During this phase, you need to be much more cautious. Most of his attacks in this phase is hard to see through, mainly due to the special effects. Keep a calm head and dodge the attacks as mentioned below to defeat Radahn, Consort of Miquella in Elden Ring.

Here are all his attack patterns in phase 2 and how to dodge them:

  • Holy Light Strike: Every attack from Radahn during phase 2 creates a Holy strike attack after wards. Be prepared to dodge twice for every attack from his phase 1, and also make sure to dodge roll sideways to avoid getting hit from the light strikes.
  • Holy Blast: The first attack Radahn does mostly in phase 2 is the holy blast, which originates on the player’s location. This attack takes a couple of seconds to charge, but has a big AoE area and can almost one-shot players. To dodge this attack, start sprinting instantly in any one direction when the attack is charging. Once you reach outside the AoE area, you will be safe. However, stay aware of the additional Holy strikes that occur randomly around the area after this attack.
  • Projected Attacks: Radahn will use Projections during this phase to confuse the players about his actual attack. Keep your eyes fixed on the real Radahn behind the projections and time the roll to dodge the attack.
  • Rings of Light: During this phase, Radahn can also shoot rings of light at the players. This has two variations, one is a small one and the other is a complete AoE originating from its body. Both can be dodged by timing the roll right before the attack reaches you.
  • Grab Attack: In this attack, Radahn lunges at the player and gives them a bear hug. This attack is fairly easy to dodge, simply wait for Radahn to get near you and then do a side roll to avoid the attack.

Radahn, Consort of Miquella Rewards In Elden Ring

After Radahn, Consort of Miquella’s HP reaches zero, he will be defeated. Beating Radahn Consort of Miquella will reward you with the “Remembrance of a god and a lord”, which can be exchanged for Young Radahn’s swords and Miquella’s incantation. Furthermore, you will also find the Let Us Go Together gesture lying around in the boss room.

After you touch the memory of Miquella, you will see a cutscene of Young Miquella’s promise to Radahn making the world a gentler place if he promises to be his consort. After that, you will receive the Circlet of Light, headgear of Miquella.

Here are all the rewards from Remembrance of a God and a Lord:

  • Greatsword of Radahn (Lord)
  • Greatsword of Radahn (Light)
  • Light of Miquella (Incantation)

Both of the Greatswords of Young Radahn can be dual-wielded separately. Additionally, you can also purchase the Young Radahn armor set from the Finger Reader after defeating Radahn, Consort of Miquella.

And that’s how you beat Promised Consort Radahn and Consort of Miquella in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. While we know this is a difficult boss fight, it will be worth it! Were you able to beat this Elden Ring boss? Let us know in the comments below!

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