How to Beat Messmer the Impaler in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Messmer is one of the strongest bosses in Elden Ring, not just in the DLC, and players must defeat him to get Messmer’s flame and burn the Shadow Tree to progress the story. However, Messmer is quite tricky to find and very difficult to defeat in the game. To make things easier for you, here is a complete guide on how to find and defeat Messmer the Impaler in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Messmer the Impaler Location in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Find And Defeat Messmer The Impaler Guide

While locating this mega boss in the Elden Ring isn’t that hard, it does require a few steps. Messmer is located in the Shadow Keep, north of Scadu Altus. To enter Scadu Altus, you need to defeat Rellana in the Castle Ensis. After you have made your way into Scadu Altus, continue making your way north until you see a looming dark fortress.

You will be able to enter it without any issue and face the Golden Hippopotamus at the entrance. Keep reading to learn how to find Messmer in the Shadow Keep.

Where to Find Messmer The Impaler in Elden Ring

Messmer’s position in the Shadow Keep is a bit tricky. First, you need to access the Shadow Keep Church district, which is a completely different route from normally entering Shadow Keep. Next, you need to make your way to the Specimen Store House Back section. From there, you need to activate a lever to move the specimen platforms.

After that, you will need to climb to the top using the Specimen platforms where you will find Messmer’s chambers. We have created a step-by-step guide on how to reach Messmer the Impaler in Elden Ring, so definitely check that out.

Messmer The Impaler Weaknesses in Elden Ring

Messmer Defeated Elden Ring

Messmer the Impaler has a couple of weaknesses that you can exploit to defeat him quickly. Here are all his weaknesses:

  • Weak to Cold Damage: Messmer is weak to cold damage, taking considerable frost damage. Imbue your weapons with Cold damage using the Ash of War or coatings.
  • Weak to Poise Damage: Messmer is comparatively easier to break his poise with charged heavy attacks or jump attacks.
  • Bleed works well: Bleed also works really well against Messmer, and can quickly cut through his HP.

How to Defeat Messmer the Impaler in Elden Ring

Messmer is a very strong boss with two phases and viscously fast attack combos that hit like a truck. However, I found his fight a bit easier and manageable compared to many of the other bosses in the game. Here is a complete guide on how to defeat Messmer.

How to fight Messmer The Impaler in Phase 1

Messmer Phase 1 Elden Ring DLC jumping attack

Messmer is a very aggressive boss and will constantly attack you. However, he also provides ample healing windows but with very tight timing. The first thing you need to do is not panic roll during the fight. Messmer has multiple attack patterns, both quick and delayed. So, panic rolling will quickly turn into despair.

Messmer uses the Lunging Thrusts and Impaling Thrust attacks the most in the first phase. Both the attacks have very tight dodge frames, so follow as mentioned in the dodge guide given later in the article to not take damage. Messmer’s Assault, grab attack, and firebomb attacks do a ton of damage, mostly one-shotting if you are unable to dodge it.

Messmers Assault Elden Ring DLC

During Messmer’s first phase, stay at a mid range distance from him and don’t be the first person to attack. Let Messmer finish his combo attacks as you dodge them and dash in to get a bit of damage every time. Sorcerers should also keep a mid-range distance as going to far away will make Messmer more aggressive, making him quickly close in the distance.

All of Messmer’s phase 1 attack patters:

  • Jumping Firebomb: Messmer jumps in the air and homes on the player as a sphere of fire that has a delayed explosion on hit. To dodge it, wait for the sphere to reach you and dodge roll at the last second. After dodging, dodge roll again away from Messmer to avoid the explosion.
  • Spear Throw: Messmer will occasionally throw jump up in the air and throw his spear. You need to time the dodge roll at the exact moment he is about to throw it. He will give away the timing of the throw by throwing his right hand backwards.
  • Messmer’s Impaling Thrust: Messmer will occasionally do a quadruple thrusting attack. The first thrust will be quick, followed by two very quick thrust attacks, and then a slightly delayed fourth thrust with increased range. Do a Dodge roll, wait half a second and then do double Dodge-roll for the next two quick thrusts. After that, wait a second before doing a dodge-roll again to avoid the fourth hit.
  • Lunging Thrust: Messmer lights his spear on fire, throws flames at the player, followed by a sweeping attack, and then jumps in the air, lunging at the player with a thrust attack. Dodge the first two attacks using side rolls, as the lingering flames will hit you when doing a back roll. The lunging attack is similar to the Spear throw, but you need to dodge roll it when he has reached the maximum height and coming at you.
  • Grab Attack: Messmer will light his right hand and leap at the player to grab him. Wait for Messmer to reach you until he extends his hand further backward and then dodge roll to the side. If you cannot see the cue mentioned, simple wait for 2 whole seconds before doing the dodge.
  • Messmer’s Assault: This is Messmer’s most threatening attack pattern. He jumps in the air, and does two slow sweeping attacks, followed by multiple thrust attacks mid-air and then a ground-slam with the spear, raising multiple spears in a circle around him. To dodge this attack cleanly, you need to time it perfectly. First, double-dodge roll backward to avoid the first two wide sweep attacks. Next, dodge-roll backward three times in quick succession to avoid the thrust attacks. While he is charging his ground slam attack mid-air, sprint to normally run towards one of the directions away from him and then dodge roll when he makes the ground slap, followed by another dodge roll to avoid the rising spears from the ground.

How to fight Messmer The Impaler in Phase 2

After Messmer’s HP drops to 50% or lower, he will enter his second phase transition cutscene. In the second phase, Messmer becomes faster and more aggressive. He takes on the form of a serpent to do many different lunging attacks, which are both quick and lethal. Messmer can also do many of his Phase 1 moves, some modified, in Phase 2 so stay on your toes at all times.

Messmer Serpent Form

Most of Messmer’s serpent attacks have very tight dodge timings, but they are easier to dodge if you follow the serpent’s head and time the dodge when it opens its mouth the widest for the bit.

During Messmer’s second phase, I recommend you use a spirit summon to draw Messmer’s aggro from you. The second phase has very tight heal windows when playing without summons. With your summon taking Messmer’s attacks, close in and deal as much damage as you can. The mid-range rule still works in phase 2, giving you ample space and time to dodge and land attacks at the same.

Messmer Serpent Form Lunging attack

All of Messmer’s Phase 2 attack patterns:

  • Serpent Firebomb: Similar to jumping firebomb, but Messmer turns into a snake while doing it. Can be dodged similarly.
  • Serpent Dash Strikes: Messmer turns into a serpent and dashes toward the players three times, each having bite attacks. Wait for the snake to reach you, it will open it’s mouth wide just before doing the bite attack. That’s when you need to time the dodge rolls to avoid them.
  • Serpent Lunge: Messmer becomes the serpent and does a quick lunging bite attack. Can be dodged similarly to the serpent dash strikes.
  • Serpent Assault: Messmer again turns into a snake and does three quick lunging bite attacks. The attacks can be avoided in a similar way as above, just remember to not panic roll.
  • Serpent Skyward Lunge: Messmer mixes with the ground with the ground becoming mud for a second and a half. After that the serpent lunges skyward from the ground, rotates mid-air and attacks the player. To dodge it, stay away from the muddy ground and dodge the bite attack in the similar way mentioned above.

Messmer The Impaler Boss Fight Rewards

When Messmer’s HP drops to zero, you will finally beat Messmer the Impaler in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. Once done you will receive the Remembrance of the Impaler and Messmer’s Kindling.

You can give Messmer’s Remembrance to the Finger Reader in the Roundtable Hold for the following items:

  • Spear of the Impaler (Great Spear)
  • Messmer’s Orb (Incantation)

After defeating Messmer, you can also buy his armor set from the Roundtable Hold’s Finger Reader. It costs 45k runes to get all his armor pieces. Messmer’s Kindling is a main campaign item, required to burn the Sealing tree in the Ancient Ruins of Ruah. This will unlock Enir-Ilim, where you will find Miquella and the Final Boss in the game.

So, that’s it. If you are still having trouble defeating Messmer the Impaler in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, ask your questions in the comments below and we will help you out!

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