Top 10 Despicable Me Villains Ranked

Despicable Me 4 is right around the corner and is bringing us a brand-new villain named Maxime Le Mal who is going to go after Gru and his family. However, even though this villain looks cool based on the trailer. However, throughout the history of the Despicable Me franchise there have been numerous awesome villains and in this article, find out about the top 10 villains in Despicable Me ranked from worst to best.

10. Svengeance

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Svengeance made his first and last appearance in Minions: Rise of The Gru and even though he might have a cool name however, when it came to superpowers, his powers were rather lame. He was a member of the Vicious 6 and his powers were that he was exceptionally good at rollerskating and had spikey knee and arm pads as weapons. Other than that, he had nothing else and was quite quickly defeated by Gru and his minions.

9. Belle Bottom

Belle Bottom
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Belle Bottom was also a member of the Vicious 6 but overly ambitious. She was the one who with other team members conspired against their leader Wild Knuckles and overthrew him to become the team leader. She was themed in a 90’s style disco style be it her outfit or her weapon. She wielded a retractable belt connected to a disco ball that turned into a mace when drawn. She was a ferocious and dangerous villain but was beaten by Gru and his minions when they teamed up with Wild Knuckles.

8. Eduardo “El Macho” Pérez

Eduardo "El Macho" Pérez
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El Macho was a very well-known villain before the events of Despicable Me 2. He was in action 20 years before the movie and was renowned for conducting bank robberies using his super strength. However, he faked his death and chose to start a new life with his family. After being hidden for a long time, he decided to return to being a villain in Despicable Me 2 using PX-41, a compound that turns Minions into monstrous purple beings. He used it on a few minions but eventually used it on himself as well.

7. Wild Knuckles

Wild Knuckles
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Wild Knuckles used to be the greatest supervillain of all time responsible for forming the Vicious 6. He is an excellent combatant and a really smart villain however, he was overthrown by Belle Bottom and other members of the Vicious 6 resulting in his confidence being shattered. His confidence in himself and his skills is brought back to life when Gru finds him and seeks his mentorship to become a great villain and take the Zodiac Stone from his former team by defeating them.

6. Scarlet Overkill

Scarlet Overkill
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Scarlet Overkill is one of the finest villains to be produced by the Despicable Me universe. We meet her in the Minions movie released in 2015. She is the main villain in this movie and employs three Minions to help her steal Queen Elizabeth’s jewels, especially the crown. She is a mastermind villain and extremely dangerous with a slightly cracked personality.

5. Dr. Nefario

Dr. Nefario
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Doctor Nefario is the man because of whom Gru is the supervillain he wanted to be. He is a genius inventor who creates any kind of gadget Gru dreams up. However, he is a little hard on hearing so sometimes he hears what Gru asks him differently creating machines that do not serve the intended purpose. Nefario strongly believes in the mission of being evil because of this he parts his ways with Gru when he starts to move away from being entirely evil.

4. Vector Perkins

Vector Perkins
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Vector is the first major villain Gru fought against in the Despicable Me movie. Relying entirely on his father’s almost infinite fortune and connections, Vector dreams of becoming the greatest villain the world has ever seen. He stole some of the most prominent monuments from all over the world leading him to get under Gru’s radar for potential rivals. However, Gru, along with his Minions was able to overpower him simply because of Victor’s over-the-top arrogance.

3. Dru Gru

Dru Gru
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Dru is the twin brother of Gru who was raised separate from his brother after their parents had a divorce. Even though Dru was raised by their supervillain father, he was unable to live up to his legacy since he lacked that villainous intuition. After the death of their father, Dru reconnected with his brother in hopes of learning to be a good villain under his guidance.

However, Dru does not really listen to his brother, and whatever he tells him. Even though a villain is in training, the chemistry between Dru and Gru is really hilarious and an absolute delight to watch on screen.

2. Balthazar Bratt

Balthazar Bratt
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Balthazar Bratt is probably one of the coolest villains we have seen in the Despicable Me franchise so far. When he was a young boy, he used to be a star in Hollywood for his show Evil Bratt which showed him as a villain carrying out various crimes. However, when he started growing up and getting taller, his show’s popularity started dipping and it was eventually canceled.

This trauma made him resentful towards Hollywood and he got delusional that he was the character he used to play on screen. He became a mastermind villain who started executing the crimes he did on TV in real life. Using his extreme intelligence he created machines that he used to extract revenge from the people who had wronged him as a child.

1. Gru

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Gru, without a doubt, is the best villain ever produced by The Despicable Me franchise. Now if you think I’m saying this just because he is the protagonist, you are entirely wrong. He is the best villain not just because he defeated the Vicious 6 as a kid or because he has always stood victorious in front of any enemy he is pitched against, he is the best because he knows that to be the best, he cannot be alone.

His capability to work with others as well as rely on them completely for things he knows he is not good at makes him way stronger than any other villain out there. Oh and yes, his legion of Minions also gives him the power of numbers against anyone.

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