8 Minion Names You Should Know Before Watching Despicable Me 4

Despicable Me not only brought us one of the coolest villains, Gru but along with him, it introduced the world to Minions. These creatures are probably the best thing Illumination has ever come up with because they are loved by everyone who has seen them. However, since most of them look very identical, it’s almost impossible to differentiate between them. So, in this article, find out the names of the top 8 most seen minions in Despicable Me.

1. Kevin

Image Courtesy: Despicable Me Wiki

Kevin is the minion who is often regarded as the leader of Minions. However, initially, Kevin appeared as a household minion in Despicable Me with one eye and a short height. However, in Despicable Me 2 he had two eyes and was taller. We do not know if his character design was changed or if this was a different minion with the same name. Kevin was one of the minions who was abducted and given PX-41 which turned him evil. However, he was the only one who was also healed using the antidote.

2. Stuart

Image Courtesy: Despicable Me Wiki

Stuart is one of three main minions who also appeared in the Minions movies. Stuart has the personality of a teenage rebel. He is a short and one-eyed minion with middle-combed hair. During the events of the first and the second Despicable Me movies, he can be recognized as being the minion who tried flirting with a yellow fire hydrant and sprayed Carl with a fire extinguisher while he was dressed as Lucy.

3. Bob

Image Courtesy: Despicable Me Wiki

Bob was the third minion in a lead role along with Stuart and Kevin in the Minions movie. He can easily be identified since he is the only one who has eyes of two different colors. He does not have a lot of screen time in the Despicable Me movies but you can easily identify him from the end credits scene of the second Despicable Me movie where Kevin, Bob, and Stuart audition for the next movie.

4. Dave

Image Courtesy: Despicable Me Wiki

Dave was not one of the main characters in the Minions movie but was seen causing some trouble in Despicable Me. He has two brown eyes combed hair and is most of the time seen messing with Steve. He was also one of the minions who Doctor Nefario and turned into evil minions. Gru then painted Dave and Stuart purple to save the other minions but his plans ultimately failed.

5. Phil

Image Courtesy: Despicable Me Wiki

Phil was introduced to us in Despicable Me as a minion with spiky hair and one eye who also dresses up as a baby and goes to the store with Agnes to get her a new unicorn toy. However, in later films, his design was changed and now he has two eyes. you might recognize him from being the minion in the French maid attire who got abducted as he answered the door.

6. Tim

Image Courtesy: Despicable Me Wiki

Tim and Kevin look a lot alike since both of them are relatively taller, and have sprouted hair and two eyes. The only difference between the two is that Tim is often dressed as if he is an adult or in a very stereotypical dad attire. He is the same minion we see attempting to sing “Copacabana” along with Mark and Phil.

7. Carl

Image Courtesy: Despicable Me Wiki

Carl is one of the most easily recognizable minions in the Despicable Me franchise. He is the one who dressed up as a fire truck and repeatedly said “Bee-do-bee-do-bee-do” in the microphone when Gru set his phone on fire. However, Carl was sprayed with a fire extinguisher by Stuart in an attempt to tell him to be quiet.

8. Jorge

Image Courtesy: Despicable Me Wiki

Jorge is probably the most unrecognizable minion by name. He is short has two eyes and is a bit fat. He is the minion who after discovering what a photocopy machine does, photocopied his own butt and laughed at the results. He was also the minion dressed as a firefighter.

Other Despicable Me Minion Names

In addition to widely known Minions for their appearances, there are several other minions who have appeared throughout the franchises. Here are other Despicable Me minions we see in the movies.

  • Jerry
  • Lance
  • John
  • Mark
  • Tom
  • Ken
  • Mike
  • Larry
  • Frank
  • Darwin
  • Pedro
  • Mel
  • Otto
  • Gaetano
  • Lionel
  • Clark
  • Ted
  • Charlie
  • Barry
  • Gerald
  • Mason
  • Devin
  • Chuck
  • Oscar
  • Aaron
  • Donnie
  • Donny
  • Donald
  • Jim
  • Kraig
  • Zack
  • Paul
  • Bill
  • Adien
  • Chris
  • Eric
  • Henry
  • Mack
  • Norbert
  • Nathan
  • Tony
  • Euchariah
  • Liam
  • Adrian
  • Robert
  • Brad
  • Dan
  • Fred
  • Cody
  • Danny
  • Harry
  • Joe
  • Jon
  • Josh
  • Ryan
  • Thomas
  • Alex
  • Jake
  • Claude
  • Jeff
  • Isaac
  • Elijah
  • Ralph
  • Charley
  • Dylan
  • Ron
  • Samson
  • Benjamin
  • Bobo
  • Buck
  • Brian
  • Ethan
  • Gary
  • Joel
  • Lewis
  • Mil
  • Peter
  • Todd
  • Trevor
  • Walter
  • Harold
  • James
  • Ivan
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