14 Best Minecraft 1.20 Texture Packs

We all know that Minecraft has a specific and, at this point, iconic art style. The whole in-game world is made of blocks whose sides have a maximum of 16×16 pixel textures. Have you ever wondered what could those same blocks look like with a greater resolution or maybe what if they are made in an altogether different art style? Like perhaps, realistic, cartoonish, or rather vibrant one? So, in this guide, we’ll explore that side of the game by listing the 14 best Minecraft 1.20 texture packs.

Before we look at the list, let’s learn what are texture packs in Minecraft and how to install them. That said, let’s check out this list, which includes texture packs of various themes and styles. Also, we have presented them alphabetically, not from the worst to best or vice versa. All of the texture packs listed below are free, but some may have better versions that you have to pay for.

1. Bare Bones

Many different blocks and items in the vanilla Minecraft
Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Bare Bones texture pack on the right.

Unlike most texture packs on this list, the Bare Bones one is quite simple and different. Instead of focusing on adding more details and colors, it reduces the details of vanilla textures in-game. Taking a look at the image above, you can see that this texture pack uses just a couple of main colors of each texture. This way, it makes everything look so much simpler and even cartoonish. This effect is extremely pleasing and is proof that sometimes less is better.

Download Bare Bones

2. Better Dogs

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Better Dogs texture pack on the right.

Cats in Minecraft have been updated a long time ago. There are eleven in-game cat variants and even a whole advancement has been dedicated to taming all of them. What about the dogs? Vanilla Minecraft includes only one dog variant, and it’s a white wolf. If you’ve ever wanted more dog breed variants in the game, the Better Dogs texture pack in Minecraft 1.20 might be the best choice for you. First of all, it introduces more detailed wolf variants.

When you tame those wolves, they change completely into one of the over 100 different textures. Most well-known breeds are covered, so if you want to know more about them, check out the download page linked below. This texture pack requires OptiFine or Fabric to run. Lucky for you, we already have a guide in place to download and install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.20.

Download Better Dogs

3. Dandelion X

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Dandelion X texture pack on the right.

Dandelion X is currently one of the most popular and best available Minecraft texture packs. Like the Bare Bones pack, it uses a limited color palette from each block which simplifies the textures. Everything has kind of a warm tone to it, so there are fewer contrasts and the transitions are smoother.

Even though most blocks have some kind of a cartoonish feel to them, there are some highly detailed textures as well, such as the stunning armor pieces displayed on the armor stands. Mobs have also been changed, to fit in nicely with the new world appearance. OptiFine is not required for this texture pack, but it’s highly recommended, so check out the guide linked above.

Download Dandelion X

4. Faithful

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Faithful texture pack on the right.

The Faithful texture pack doesn’t deviate from the vanilla Minecraft art style at all. The main goal of this pack is to turn the vanilla textures into super detailed ones with high resolution. Block color palettes and designs have not been changed, but enhanced and improved. That’s why you will see so many more block characteristics, such as loom strings, block cracks, shadows, highlights, and others.

Moreover, the Faithful texture pack is completely community-driven, which means your own textures can be implemented too. Check out the download page linked below for more information.

Download Faithful

5. John Smith Legacy

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the John Smith Legacy texture pack on the right.

If you’re a fan of old-fashioned horror games, then you should check out this texture pack. John Smith Legacy adds rather highly detailed textures, that are in some cases fairly realistic. Most blocks look rough and worn down, which would be perfect as additions to a medieval house or dungeon build. Other textures are straight off scary like the scull armor or a frightening iron golem.

All items and mobs have also received their makeover in a truthful and darkish style. Furthermore, stained glass has been improved greatly so that every color dye in Minecraft has its own unique pattern design.

Download John Smith Legacy

6. Misa’s Realistic

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Misa’s Realistic texture pack on the right.

If we are already mentioning realistic texture packs in Minecraft 1.20, we cannot skip the unbelievable Misa’s Realistic. This amazing pack adds high-resolution textures that all have darker and more desaturated colors than the vanilla game. This way, players can play for longer periods of time without the art being too harsh on the eyes.

Every block is designed in a way that it is clearly visible what it is made of. Although the textures look completely different than the vanilla ones, the same theme is kept and hasn’t been drastically changed. For this texture pack to work as intended, you will need OptiFine.

Download Misa’s Realistic

7. ModernArch

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the ModernArch texture pack on the right.

If you’re a long-time Minecraft player, then this 1.20 texture pack is going to blow your mind. ModernArch brings extremely detailed and truthful textures to the game. You can clearly see all the logs’ bark cracks and growth rings, each blade of grass, and even every single tiny pebble in a gravel block. As the name suggests, those textures are also done in a modern style inspired by nowadays technology and era.

One of the coolest looking textures is the modern iron door, along with the furnace and redstone dust being replaced by cables. Not all the vanilla blocks have their unique textures, but many natural ones do. So, exploring a dense jungle biome in Minecraft is rather disorienting and even difficult. To make this texture pack even better, try using some shaders in Minecraft 1.20.

Download ModernArch

8. Mythic

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Mythic texture pack on the right.

The Mythic texture pack can be seen as a mix of the realism from Misa’s Realistic pack and John Smith Legacy’s scary vibes but like times 3. It adds extremely truthful textures that in some cases change the block so much that you’re not sure which one it is. Moreover, as you’ll notice quickly from the image above, every block has that old-fashioned, rough feel to it.

The scary and spooky style is well noticeable in the textures of some paintings, armor pieces, and even mobs. So, try not to scream when you encounter illagers or a warden because they are especially terrifying.

Download Mythic

9. Quadral

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Quadral texture pack on the right.

Quadral is another cartoon-like texture pack that is one of the best texture packs available for Minecraft 1.20. The textures don’t deviate much from the vanilla style but the difference is clearly visible. Gorgeous blocky patterns, bright and vibrant colors, and some improved vanilla designs truly make this texture pack incredible.

Items and mobs have been given cute, innocent, and cartoonish looks too, so they fit right in. The armor looks exceptionally amazing, and the armor patterns added in Minecraft 1.20 truly elevate the experience.

Download Quadral

10. rotrBLOCKS

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the rotrBLOCKS texture pack on the right.

Similarly to the ModernArch texture pack, rotrBLOCKS focuses on the realism aspect. It adds textures very close to the vanilla ones that also don’t have a particular theme. Resolution is cranked up a lot, so the color variants and texture details are endless and also done fairly well.

Some block textures have been reduced to eliminate the graininess, like the sand block’s texture. Natural blocks, such as dirt, grass, leaves, tall grass, vines, and others look extraordinarily truthful and beautiful, making exploring the wilderness even more epic.

Download rotrBLOCKS

11. Sapixcraft

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Sapixcraft texture pack on the right.

The Sapixcraft texture pack has only one goal; to simplify vanilla Minecraft textures. It keeps the art style we all know and love and also enhances it with a bit of cartoonish characteristics. The Sapixcraft texture pack tends to blur some more busy textures to make them easier to look at.

Furthermore, you will come across different color variants of certain blocks that cover large areas, such as sand. This clean, bright, and welcoming texture pack makes for a great refreshment from plain vanilla Minecraft.

Download Sapixcraft

12. Stay True

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Stay True texture pack on the right.

The Stay True texture pack is the ideal option for you if you don’t want to transform your Minecraft world drastically. To achieve its fullest potential, you need OptiFine. As this texture pack’s name implies, it focuses on staying true to the vanilla Minecraft game. It only slightly modifies most textures and also adds a beautiful transition between the blocks.

The brick, plank, and dirt textures connect to the surrounding blocks seamlessly, even making a flat wall look pretty. Moreover, one of the biggest features of the Stay True texture pack is the plant details. There are a few variations for every crop, flower, plant, and even tall grass. This little thing enhances the Minecraft world a lot by giving it more character.

Download Stay True

13. Tooniverse

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Tooniverse texture pack on the right.

This entry on our list of best Minecraft 1.20 texture packs is my personal favorite. It mostly simplifies vanilla’s textures and adds a lovable sweet cartoon feel to them. The bright and vibrant colors stand out and will make you feel as if you are in a dream world. However, blocks were not the only ones to get a makeover.

Some Minecraft mobs, like axolotls, have been modified and given an even cuter appearance with big eyes. Also, just look at the paintings, items, and the glazed terracotta block. This texture pack’s details and beautiful colorful vibe make it truly one of the best.

Download Tooniverse

14. Vividity

Vanilla Minecraft on the left and the Vividity texture pack on the right.

Last but definitely not least, we have the Vividity texture pack. This pack’s name is pretty self-explanatory, as it brings gorgeous, bright, and vibrant new textures to the vanilla Minecraft. Once you’ve tried and liked this texture pack, you’re never going back to default textures.

Like a few already mentioned texture packs, Vividity focuses on simplicity and kind of clumps up multiple pixels into a single one. This way, you can clearly see all the details, as they appear large. Plus, an especially amazing job has been done with the shiny, reflective textures like the precious blocks or armor, where you can exceptionally enjoy the cartoonish feel.

Download Vividity

Finally, you may like a texture pack that’s not on our list and if that’s the case, you can tell us about it in the comments below. If you found this article useful, don’t forget to share it with your Minecraft friends. Moreover, we have made amazing lists for the best Minecraft mods and best Minecraft shaders, so make sure you check them out as well.

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