7 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming (2024)

Any gamer worth their salt has told their mom at least once that online games can’t be paused! And while your mom switching off the router might be a problem, we always suggest you use a wired Internet connection over Wi-Fi. However, finding the right gaming ethernet cable to always stay at your A game can be difficult. So if you’re someone in the market for the best gaming ethernet cables, keep reading as we discuss the best choices right here.

What Type of Ethernet Cable Is Best for Gaming?

While deciding the absolute best gaming ethernet cable is difficult, the answer lies in CAT. Simply put, ethernet cables come with a category number. CAT 8 cables are generally considered top tier with the cables boasting speed up to 40 Gbps, but overkill for most gamers. However, CAT 8 cables are good for potential futureproofing with higher bandwidth if you are okay with spending the extra dime.

CAT 6 ethernet cables are a great balance, offering excellent speeds (up to 10 Gbps) for smooth gaming at a reasonable price. Shielded cables offer extra protection against interference in crowded environments. Choose a cable length that reaches your device comfortably, ideally under 100 meters for optimal performance. With that, let’s talk about the best ethernet cables for gaming.

Best Gaming Ethernet Cables

1. Ugreen Cat 8

Ugreen Cat8 Ethernet cable

If you are gaming on various devices, UGREEN Cat8 ethernet cables are great for their blazing-fast 40Gbps speeds and rock-solid stability. The braided design and shielded cables ensure a smooth, lag-free connection even during intense online competition. Plus, compatibility with various devices means you can connect virtually anything to your network. This makes Ugreen Cat8 one of the best ethernet cables for gaming on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Backward compatibilityNA
Huge length options

2. Orbram Ethernet Cable

Orbram Ethernet Cables

Gamers will love the Orbram Ethernet Cable for several reasons. For starters, the cable’s shielded construction minimizes interference for a stable connection. Second, the flat design saves space and makes routing easier. Finally, the CAT 8 standard allows for high-speed data transfer, which is ideal for fast-paced gaming. So if you want a flat Ethernet cable that gets the job done, go for this one.

Minimal interfaceFlat design twists easily
Shielded for in-wall use

3. Jadaol Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Jadaol Cat8 cable

The Jadaol gaming ethernet cable excels due to its exceptional speed (40Gbps, 2000MHz) guaranteeing a lag-free experience. The weatherproof design with S/FTP shielding safeguards against interference for a rock-solid connection, indoors or outdoors. At 100ft long, it reaches even the most far-off routers or modems. This makes Jadaol ethernet cables good for gamers with damp walls.

Stable signalNot very flexible
DurableSlightly expensive

4. Ultra Clarity Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Ultra Clarity Cat8 Ethernet Cables

Ultra Clarity Cat 8 Ethernet Cables deliver high speeds (40Gbps) and a wide frequency (2000 MHz) for smooth online gaming. The gold-plated connectors ensure a strong connection, and the weatherproof design protects against spills and curious pets. The RJ45 connectors will ensure the cable goes with any kind of gaming device like Xbox or PS5 along with PC which makes this cable one of the best for such gamers.

Gold-plated connectors & UV shieldingBest for 40 Gbps Switch
Wide range compatibilitySlightly expensive

5. Snowkids Ethernet Cable

Snowkids Ethernet Cables

The Snowkids Ethernet Cable offers exceptional speed (40Gbps, 2000Mhz bandwidth) for seamless gaming, streaming, and downloads. The flat design (50ft length) is easy to manage, and the braided construction with gold-plated connectors ensures long-lasting durability and a lag-free connection. This cable keeps you connected and in the game for all your sessions.

24K gold-plated RJ45 connectorsCables twist easily
Long and affordable

6. Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat 7

Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat 7 cable

The Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat 7 offers good value for its price. It delivers reliable 10Gbps speeds over long distances (up to 50ft) and minimizes interference with double shielding. However, it’s not as durable for outdoor use and is slower than higher-end Cat 8 cables. If you are looking for cheap ethernet cables for gaming, this can be a solid option with a decent speed and length.

Decent speedNot durable enough
Cheap option

7. Monoprice Cat6a

Monoprice Cat6a cable

Monoprice Cat6a offers exceptional performance in a compact size. Its slim design, nearly half the size of a standard Cat6a cable, allows for easier installation and saves space in crowded areas. This translates to a higher cable density, reducing the need for extra pathways and saving you money on infrastructure costs.

All round performanceExpensive
Thin and light

And with that, we hope you now know the best gaming ethernet cables out there. Now that your worries about laggy internet are over, tell us in the comments which ethernet cable you are getting. If you think your cable is fine, you might want to check the best DNS servers to use for gaming.

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