Arcane Season 2 Teaser Doesn’t Show Some Major Characters and We Are Worried

Arcane gained worldwide popularity when it arrived on Netflix in 2021 with nine epic episodes. The finale episode, “The Monster You Created,” featured a cliffhanger ending, so every fan has been waiting for the second season. Recently, the release window of Arcane Season 2 has finally surfaced on social media, and the first trailer of the anticipated project was also released by the streaming giant. Even though the trailer left a bang-on impression on the fandom, it also has them concerned about some significant characters of the franchise who didn’t show up in the amusing promo.

Characters Who Didn’t Show Up In the Teaser

The teaser of Arcane Season 2 didn’t feature Jayce and Viktor, two of the most significant characters of the TV show. Besides them, we also didn’t get to see any member of the Council, including Jayce’s girlfriend Mel Medarda.

Jayce was the brainiac who improved Piltover in many ways, and Viktor was his partner who supported him in every experiment. The duo gave the city many innovative technologies that helped him become one of the top scientists of Hextech innovations. Jayce was seen with Silco in the concluding moments of the animated show’s first season. Silco also wanted independence for the undercity of Zaun, so Jayce asked him to hand over Jinx and take whatever he wanted.

Arcane Season 1 sees Vi trying harder to bring her little sister back, but none of her plans work. In fact, Jinx abducted Vi, Caitlyn, and Silco in the end and mistakenly killed Silco. Later, Jinx makes it clear that Powder is long gone, and the one standing in front of Vi is Jinx, and she is a monster that Vi created years ago. After leaving a tied-up Vi, Jinx unleashes a shot from the rocket launcher towards the council. Before we could process the events, the end credits started rolling on our screens. Hence, we don’t know yet if any member of the Council survived or if every one of them died in the Ambush.

Since the trailer doesn’t show Jayce and he was present at the council meeting, there’s a chance that he didn’t survive. The same goes with Mel. Most of the members at the Council meeting must’ve not survived, so it’s understandable why that particular event triggered a civil war.

Viktor, on the other hand, is very likely alive in Season 2. He was undergoing a dangerous transformation in the previous season, so there’s a chance that he has become the monster that we all know from League of Legends video game. If that’s the case, the creators didn’t show Viktor in the trailer because they want to keep his transformation a secret so fans are actually surprised when they see him in Season 2.

Of course, if Jayce is dead, it’s a saddening situation because he was loved by fans. That being said, Arcane is known to catch us off guard, so there’s a chance that we are wrong and Jayce actually survived the entire ordeal. Regardless, the second season is only a couple of months away, so we’ll get our answers soon.

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