App of The Week: AirDroid, Enjoy Your Android Over The Air

If you are not a huge fan of Kies(developed for Samsung devices) and would love to enjoy your android device over the air, then AirDroid is a solution to all your problems. You just need to have a wifi enabled laptop with any web browser and you are done. This app will tether your device with your laptop and allow you to do amazing things you would have never done with that boring cable.

AirDroid allows you to transfer really huge files i.e in Gigabytes within minutes. The biggest and the greatest advantage in data transfer using wifi in comparison to the Bluetooth is data transfer speed. While in Bluetooth it can be 300KBps at max, in wifi tethering it is 1.5MBps ie 1500KBps nearly 5 times that of Bluetooth. More the speed, lesser the time as simple as that.

Moreover you can have full control over your android device with your web browser. Now watch photos, read and compose messages, see and install apps installed on your device, view files, view storage information and many more. Read the review to find out more.

That’s not the only thing this app has to offer

Build Quality-
AirDroid can really delight you with its incredible interface. Neat and clean with white background, beautiful transitions and off course bright colourful icons. The developer has put a remarkable effort in paying exceptional attention towards the built quality of the app. The app can really make you feel of using a premium app.

The presentation of the app on the web browser

1. Transfer data over the air instantly using wifi –

This feature is by far the most useful feature if you don’t want hassle with cables. Just start wifi hotspot and open airdroid and it will show the ip address/url with an option to enter passcode or QR code. Surprisingly entering QR and url works only with internet connection but that’s not a big issue to bother about.

2. Enjoy your device over the air-

When you login , you are greeted with a pleasing nice user interface with neat icons and a few widgets. All the icons and widgets can be dragged. You can get all the storage information with one click. You can copy the information to clipboard of your device by just writing on web browser. If you want more, then it can even search the web on your device using web browser of your laptop. Have a look at the screen shots .

3. Browse messages, apps, contacts, music photos and videos effortlessly-

Now with airdroid you can control your android device and browse the contents painlessly. Browsing is easy, attractive and beautiful, whatever you cannot even expect a device to do.

4. Transfer multiple files simultaneously with instantly-

Browse the SD card and copy the folders from or to the device by using the download and upload feature which supports multiple files.

5. Multiple desktops and speed install-

Not impressed get hands on some of the tweaks like multiple desktops and speed install. Multiple desktop allows doing different work on different workspace. Its not so much useful but still adds to the grace.

Speed install allows you to install an app over the air if you have the apk file on your pc. You have to check the non-market app installation from settings. It’s quite useful feature.

6. App on Android device, built elegantly-

The app is nice, clean built and really easy to use.

1. Connection and settings-
Simple 2 step procedure and simple settings menu available, have a look at the pics.

2. Extra tools, extra bonus-
The tools provided are very charmingly built and useful. Device manager, app manger, file explorer, task manager, network manager and tab for the list of a few recommended apps would really make a lot of sense. You can add the shortcuts to the home screen with one button.

At the end of the day it is a must download app for android. The user experience and over the air experience with the device using web browser is really amazing.

App Size:
6.61 MB

Move to SD card support:

Free on Google Play

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