What Happens When We Educate Girls? Humaira Is The Answer

Humaira Bachal, a 27 year old girl from Karachi, Pakistan is without a doubt a game changer in her own rights.

She started teaching when she was 15 in a three room, make-shift school. She taught over 1200 students, in the same rooms before making her dream take the shape of reality by building a bigger and better school in Pakistan.

Humaira Bachal is an embodiment to all those girls not only Pakistan but rest of the world as well who want to educate themselves. Amidst all the traumas she had go through being the female in her locality and wanting to pursue education is a journey that is applaud worthy.

This video by “Chime For Change” that works for global campaign and women empowerment is worthy of getting some appraise.

Pakistan is inherently dealing with internal conflict in the form of terrorism, lack of education among girls and inequality in gender ratios. Fighting all those obstructions, Bachal came out as a winner.

This video will take you to a wonderful journey that conquers every obstacle for flowers to blossom in the end; a changed perspective among people for an improved Pakistan of tomorrow in this case.

Here’s the awe inspiring video that is bound to get a smile on your face. Watch and share.


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