Watch Most Bizarre Yet Entertaining 'How To' Videos : HowToBasic

Watch Most Bizarre Yet Entertaining ‘How To’ Videos : HowToBasic

The Internet is full of ‘How To’ articles and videos for every possible thing in the world. Every video/article provides a step by step guide to do a certain thing in best possible way but same is not the case with HowToBasic , a ‘How To’ YouTube channel.

‘HowToBasic’ is a year old YouTube channel, which is creating all the buzz on Internet by uploading simple ‘How To’ videos in which a guy tries to do the (mentioned) task in worst possible way, which makes the videos bizarre but entertaining.

In just one year HTB has reached the milestone of more than 800k subscribers on the YouTube channel and 67k followers on the Facebook page.

Here’s another interesting thing about HTB, No one actually knows the name of the guy who is behind these videos, all we know is that the guy is a teen from Perth, Australia.

Thanks to who managed to convince the guy behind HTB for the interview but he is shadowed in the Interview clip because he did not want to expose himself to his audience because he thinks that it adds mystery to the page.

With all the success on YouTube, he is also earning good money via YouTube and got approached by many brands to use their stuff in his video.

Here’s the playlist featuring all his videos, HowToBasic.

Here’s the Link to HTB interview.


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