Vivaldi Browser Exits Beta on Android; First Stable Version Rolling Out Now

vivaldi android stable version arrives

After spending over six months in beta, the first stable version of the Vivaldi browser has finally arrived on Android today. Vivaldi is stepping foot in an uber-competitive mobile segment. You can already choose from among dozens of browsers or stick to Chrome. So, what’s so special about Vivaldi, you ask?

Launched by Opera’s former CEO, Vivaldi is a popular browser among power users. The browser offers a wealth of features, including tracking protection, a built-in ad blocker, and hassle-free tab management among other things.

As seen in the screenshot below, Vivaldi offers an almost desktop-like UI on Android too. You have a tab strip up top to easily swipe around, see what all tabs are open, and select the one you want to jump to. Each new tab opens on the speed dial but you can access a ton of games, as well as the latest news from here as well.

The navigation bar sits at the bottom and is feature-packed as well. You even get a tab switcher, along with the URL/ search button here. Vivaldi has also ported ‘Panel’ over to mobile, so that all your bookmarks, downloads, and notes are a touch away. Yeah, if you’re someone who likes to take notes while reading, Vivaldi has a built-in notes app.

“In place of ads and trackers, Vivaldi offers privacy and speed,” the company further adds in its official blog post. The ad and tracker blocker is off by default but you can enable it simply by tapping the ‘shield’ icon in the address bar. You can choose to block only the tracker or ad, as well as trackers both. Tracking protection is powered by DuckDuckGo’s Tracker Radar tool.

Also, the Vivaldi browser on Android supports dark mode, which is a plus in our books. There’s also a screenshot tool, end-to-end encrypted sync option in tow as well. How is it better than Google Chrome on Android? We will have to test the browser and compare it with Chrome to know better.

But, if all those features sound intriguing to you, go ahead and download the Vivaldi browser (Free) on your Android devices right away. It is compatible with devices running Android 5 or higher, tablets, and Chromebooks.

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