There Is a Pair of TWS Earbuds Hidden Inside Lenovo’s New ThinkBook

Lenovo thinkbook tws earbuds feat.

As the truly wireless (TWS) earbuds market continues to grow, every tech giant wants a piece of the pie. However, instead of making standalone TWS earbuds, companies are now trying to integrate these audio-accessories inside their devices. As a result, Lenovo has baked a pair of TWS earbuds inside its next-gen ThinkBook 15 laptop.

Right after launching the “ThinkBook Plus” for business users, the Hong Kong-based giant recently unveiled the ThinkBook 15 Gen-2. The laptop looks just like any other Lenovo laptop, but there is a hidden compartment aboard the laptop and it houses and recharges a pair of TWS earbuds.

The pull-out compartment sits at the bottom-right edge of the laptop. Users can easily pull out the tray (similar to old CD drives) to take out the earbuds. Once the user puts the buds inside their ears, they automatically turn on and connect to your laptop.

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Image Courtesy: Lenovo

They also come with touch sensors to control the onboard microphones. And when the batteries of both the buds are all drained out, users can put the earbuds back into its hidden compartment for charging. There’s no chance you are losing these TWS earbuds by leaving them to rest outside.

Gimmick or a Feature?

Now, I agree that wireless earbuds are much more convenient than wired ones but the lack of a compact charging case for the Lenovo earbuds can be a major problem for the users.

Just think about it, the charging case for these Lenovo earbuds is the Lenovo ThinBook itself. So, anytime you want to go out with your earbuds, you have to carry your laptop with you just to recharge them. So, I don’t think that these built-in TWS earbuds will be the USP of the ThinkBook 15 Gen-2. It is more like a gimmick than an actual feature. It only serves a specific purpose and is tied down to the laptop.

However, if Lenovo would have included a compact charging case for the earbuds as an additional accessory in the box, that would have made more sense, I think. What do you guys think about this idea of a pair of TWS earbuds inside a laptop? Let us know down in the comments section.

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  • Diagon X says:

    I think this is for those moments when you are getting late for a zoom meeting and can’t find you headphones or earphones. And for me, this is quite usefull.

  • Anonymous says:

    When will it be available in India?

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