Here Are the Top 5 Agents in Valorant With the Best “Ultimate” Abilities

Valorant top agents with ultimate feat

After topping the charts while in beta, Riot Games’ 5-v-5 tactical FPS became one of the most popular games in the esports scene. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the game, then you can surely skip this piece. However, if you have already become a “Valorant” addict like myself, then do stay to know about the best “ultimate” abilities of the “agents” in the game.

So, if you’re playing the tactical shooter in your free time, then you would know that agents in Valorant have abilities that are unique to each one of them. And in this piece, I am going to list the agents who have the best “ultimate” abilities in the game.

Agents With the Best “Ultimate” in Valorant

So, here are the top 5 agents who have the best “ult” in Valorant.


The “radiant healer” from China, Sage is the only agent in the game who has the capability to heal her teammates. However, her “ultimate” ability to revive a fallen teammate is unparalleled.

Sage Valorant

When Sage’s ultimate becomes ready, she can revive a teammate who was killed before in that same round. This is pretty useful for 1v3 situations as sage can easily make it a fair competition in that round.

So, I think the #1 tag for “ultimate” ability should go to this one-of-a-kind agent in the game.


Coming from the country of Mexico, Reyna was added to the game at launch and was not present in the beta versions of the game. Now, although she came late in the game, her abilities in the game are pretty over-powered. Especially, her “ultimate”, which turns her into the “Express”.

Reyna Valorant

During this time, each frag you get will regenerate your health points (HP) automatically and renew the time of the ability. Also by consuming the “soul orb” from the enemies, Reyna can become outright invisible and bamboozle the remaining enemies. So, the soul harvester from Mexico gets the second spot on our list.


One of the fastest agents in the game, Jett is a master of blades. So, her “ultimate” ability, the “Blade Storm” is one of the most lethal abilities in Valorant.

When you activate her “ult”, you will gain access to five special blades. These throwable blades float around Jett and you can throw these blades one by one of all at once.

Jett valorant

Now, if you get a frag (kill) by using all the blades, after the kill, Jett will get back the blades to reuse them on other enemies. So, in a way, Jett’s “ult” also renews with every kill she gets using it, much like Reyna’s.


If you want to finish off an entire 5-man squad with a touch of a button, then Raze is the agent you should play with. The agent is pretty infamous in the community for her “ult” which is called the “Showstopper”.

Now, Raze’s ultimate ability brings her colorful rocket launcher in her hands. Firing this thing at a point where the enemies are holding will kill every opponent who is in a close range of the bomb’s contact point.


So, this ultimate ability was pretty overpowered until Riot nerfed it in the latest season 2 update of the game. Nonetheless, Raze’s “Showstopper” can still easily kill off 2-3 members of the opponent team, if used right. So, just for the sheer amount of damage it deals, Raze’s ultimate has our #3 spot.


The scary ghost-like agent, Omen is one of those agents who can change the course of a match with his teleporting abilities. So, the agent’s ultimate ability lets him teleport to any point in a map.

Omen Valorant

When Omen uses his “ult”, enemy players will hear the “Scatter” sound of the agent from every direction and their minimaps will become unavailable. So, players can easily use this ability to teleport to the enemy’s base at the start of a round and start killing them from behind.

Now, keep in mind, to use the ultimate abilities of the agents, you must collect “ultimate” points by killing other players, planting or defusing the “Spike” or by consuming ultimate orbs scattered throughout the maps.

So, these were some of the agents who have the best “ultimate” abilities in Valorant.

Do you agree with our list? Do let us know down in the comments. 

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