This Unique Pen Drive Can Securely Destroy Your Files and Make Them Unretrievable

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After a long period of usage, when it’s finally time to sell your old computer or laptop, I am sure you’d want to delete all your personal and professional information stored in it before handing it to the buyer. Well, turns out that a simple factory-reset is just not enough to actually destroy the files stored in it. That is why a UK-based company has now made a special pen drive to securely wipe your hard drive.

A UK-based firm, Lovell Tec, has developed a unique pen drive, dubbed “Destruct Pro”, that is designed to delete your data instead of storing it. The company says that this thumb-drive can securely erase all your files and data from a hard drive, making them irretrievable.

The “Destruct Pro” looks exactly like a key with its connection points at the front and a small hole at the back. The black and orange color scheme of the thumb-drive gives it a stealthy look, compared to other compact pen drives in the market. Overall, it looks pretty cool.

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How Does It Work?

Now, the company says that the “Destruct Pro” uses a 3-pass cryptographic-mechanism to destroy all the files and data in a storage-drive. It emphasizes the fact that after using this pen-drive on your PC or laptop, none of your files are coming back to see the light of the day.

Moreover, as per the company’s claims, if someone uses a professional forensic data-recovery tool to retrieve the files, he/ she will only find scraps of jumbled data, which would be meaningless.

Apart from truly erasing all your files, the destructing thumb-drive also detects problems in your hard-drive and lets you know about it.

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Price and Availability

So, if you want something that can actually destroy digital files and data stored in a hard-drive, you can check out the Destruct Pro on Indiegogo. The company is currently running a campaign on the crowdfunding platform and has raised 987 GBP (~Rs. 94,896).

You can back the project now by pre-ordering your Destruct Pro pen drive for 15 GBP (~Rs 1,442). You’ll receive the product in December when the company starts to ship them.

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